Canadian businesses have an obligation to give travel insurance to employees

Published: March 27, 2017

Updated: July 24, 2018

Author: Luke Jones



Many organizations risk losing money because they are unaware of their duty of care towards employees traveling on their behalf. When an employee takes a business trip, the organization or company has a duty of care to provide coverage against injury and a work-inhibiting issue, says one industry expert.

Business travel insurance is mandatory for Canadian companies, according to an interview conducted by Business Insider.  

Allianz Global Assistance said brokers should inform companies who have traveling employees.

“Brokers can make their clients aware of the value and importance of travel insurance when taking any kind of trip and should recommend these important points when discussing travel insurance,” Allianz Global Assistance’s senior manager, of marketing and sales support, Debbie Robinson said.

“Read the travel insurance policy to understand the benefits, features and especially the exclusions, as travel insurance doesn’t cover everything or every scenario. Realize what’s going on with your health and pay close attention to pre-existing health conditions and limitations of coverage.”

Travel insurance coverage for employees can include covering lost luggage and broken itineraries.

“Whether you’re a broker who offers advice on travel insurance to clients or an employer who is sending people on business trips, the health and safety of that traveller is of great importance,” Robinson said.

“Brokers should strongly encourage the business traveller to check their company’s group benefit plan to see if it contains travel insurance. They can also consult their HR department for more specific details on that coverage, along with any rules and policies regarding business travel they need to be aware of.”