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Alberta is the most populated of the three prairie provinces, with 4,196,457 people calling it home, according to the 2015 census. Covering an area of 660,000 square kilometres, including a significant range from south to north, Alberta is a diverse province that is the fourth most populated in Canada. Despite several environmental risks and a sizeable population, auto insurance within Alberta can be classed as affordable, especially next to Ontario.

There are two major cities within Alberta, Calgary and Edmonton. The latter serves as the provincial capital and sits almost exactly at the geographical centre of Alberta. One distinction is that it is the northernmost city in the Americas to have a population over 1,000,000. The city has become important to the Canadian economy as the hub for the country’s crude oil industry.

Calgary sits 290 km south of Edmonton and is the largest city in Alberta. The city is notable for becoming the first in Canada to host the Winter Olympic Games, which has since also been hosted in Vancouver. The 1988 Winter Olympics were a huge success and transformed Canada into one of the leading nations in winter sports.

Princess Louise Caroline Alberta (1848-1939) lends her name to the province.

Car Insurance Quotes In Alberta

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While Alberta has two metropolitan areas with over 1,000,000 people and substantial environmental risks, auto insurance in the province is reasonable. Indeed, compared to Ontario, Albertans have access to affordable car insurance.

In Ontario, the most expensive insurance market in Canada, customers pay on average $130/month for their coverage. This equates to over $1,400 per year on auto insurance. For Albertans, the average is closer to $105/month, or $1260 per year. Car insurance in Alberta is around 30% more affordable than it is in Ontario.

Like in other Canadian provinces, auto insurance in Alberta is mandatory for all vehicles. The government operates a no-fault insurance model where private companies offer coverage to customers. This type of car insurance means the policyholder always makes claims to their own insurance company.

In the event of a collision, all parties are required to go to their own provider regardless of who was at fault. Minimum third party liability in Alberta is $200,000. This is a mandatory limit and any driver without it will be unable to register their vehicle.

Auto insurance in Alberta is regulated by the Automobile Insurance Rate Board (AIRB) and the Office of the Superintendent of Insurance.

Weather is an important consideration in Alberta. The province sees all types of harsh weather and suffers from significant natural disasters. During winter, Alberta can be among the coldest regions in Canada. Blizzards, snow storms, whiteouts, heavy rain, and strong winds are common in the province during the cold season.

Driving can become hazardous in these conditions and safe driving is hugely important during the winter months. Installing snow tires is a good practice in the cold winter, and insurance companies will often offer discounts to drivers with them installed. The province does not make snow tires a mandatory requirement for winter driving.

Natural disasters in Alberta range from massive flash floods to enormous wildfires. While these catastrophic events put more pressure on homeowners, there is also a risk for vehicles. Fort McMurray was a May, 2016 wildfire event that was the largest insurance loss in Canadian history. Hundreds of vehicles were lost in the Albertan town.

Alberta is also notable in the rise of ride-sharing companies like Uber in Canada. Edmonton became the first city in the country to formally accept Uber with new regulations aimed at adopting ride-sharing. The provincial government quickly followed and allowed ride-sharing-specific auto insurance to be

Affordable Auto Insurance in Alberta

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While car insurance prices in Alberta are reasonable, customers should always try to get the best deal. The best way to ensure you get the most affordable premium and the best policy is to shop for quotes. By shopping around, you cover all the bases and know the policy you choose is at the best available price. is home to a leading online quote tool that can give you the most affordable rates across more than 25 of Canada’s leading auto insurance providers.

Drivers in Alberta can use our tool and have their quotes in minutes. Using our easy use system, just give us some basic details about you and your vehicle and we will get the quotes to you in no time at all. There is never any obligation to buy and we never pass your data on to third parties.

Our team of brokers—not agents—works for you, not an auto insurance company. We are based in the Toronto, so understand the market and the challenges of insuring a vehicle in Canada. Shop Insurance Canada can quickly provide impartial advice when it matters most. We act as an intermediary between you and the auto insurance companies to find you the lowest Alberta car insurance quote available.

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