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bg_calgary_1Calgary is the most populated city in Alberta, while it is also the largest metropolitan region in the province. With a metro population of 1,392,609 (2016), the city is also the fourth largest census metropolitan area (CMA) in Canada.

Through its history, Calgary has relied heavily on the energy sector, but in recent decades the city has economically diversified. The city grew on the expansion of Canada’s oil industry after the resource was first found in Alberta in 1902. However, the industry remained small-scale within Calgary until 1947.

An economic slump in the 1980s impacted Calgary and forced the city to diversify its economy beyond energy. Since that time, the city has expanded and now the downtown area is home to the second-highest number of corporate head offices in Canada among the 800 largest corporations in the country. Calgary truly put itself on a global scale when the city hosted the 1988 Winter Olympic Games. The event was hugely successful and much of the infrastructure is still maintained to this day. Not only did Calgary gain praise and recognition, the games also had a legacy for Canadian sport.

The 1988 Winter Olympics are noted for being the point where Canada became a major competitor in winter sporting events.

Auto insurance in Calgary


Like the rest of Alberta, Calgary is moderately affordable for auto insurance. Certainly, the city is more reasonable compared to major cities in Ontario. On the whole, Alberta is around 30%  more affordable than Ontario, which is the most expensive insurance market in the country.

Despite being the most populated city, Calgary is not in the top five most expensive car insurance markets in Alberta. Instead, it is placed sixth with an average premium of $1,117 per year. While this is reasonable for a major city, there is a worrying trend happening in Calgary and Alberta.

The city’s auto insurance rates have been steadily increasing over the last five years, while it is also nearly 5% more expensive than the provincial average.

Like the rest of Alberta, Calgary is often subjected to dangerous weather conditions. In the winter the city is hit by heavy winds, blizzards, and deep snow. Couple the weather with the usual dangers of city driving and Calgary is not an easy place to be a motorist.

During winter, Calgary can be among the coldest cities in Canada. Blizzards, snow storms, whiteouts, heavy rain, and strong winds are common during the cold months.

Driving can become hazardous in these conditions and safe driving is hugely important during the winter months. Installing snow tires is a good practice in the cold winter, and insurance companies will often offer discounts to drivers with them installed. Calgary does not make snow tires a mandatory requirement for winter driving.

Calgary Driving and Insurance Facts:

  • The most dangerous street in the city is the intersection of 17th Avenue S.W. and 4th Street S.W
  • Hitchhiking is illegal in Calgary
  • 51 intersections have speed-on-green cameras, red-light cameras, or both.
  • The Average car insurance premium in Calgary is $1,117

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