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Car Insurance in Barrie


While Barrie is a part of the Greater Golden Horseshoe, it is some 90 km from the Greater Toronto Area and is a politically independent city in its own right. Because of this relative distance from Toronto, Barrie is home to more affordable auto insurance quotes that are closer to the Ontarian average. However, the city is still more expensive than many other Canadian regions.

The city is located in Central Ontario on the shores of Kempenfelt Bay, along the western arm of Lake Simcoe. Like other municipalities in the Golden Horseshoe, Barrie is densely populated and in the 2011 census there were 136,063 residents in the city proper and 187,013 in the metropolitan area.

These statistics make Barrie the 34th largest city in Canada and the 21st largest metropolitan area in the country.

Barrie takes its name from Sir Robert Barrie, who lent his own name to the city in 1833. He was the person in charge of naval forces in Canada at the time and often commanded in the city through the Nine Mile Portage.

One of the key features of Barrie is its historic downtown area. This distinct region is defined by a curved or wrapped valley that surrounds the western edge of Kempenfelt Bay. This means the terrain in the city ranges from flat in the centre to steep as the valley slopes in the north and south areas.

Interestingly, Barrie lacks any major rivers, but the city is known as a waterfront location as it sits on the shores of Lake Simcoe.

Auto Insurance in Barrie

As mentioned, Barrie’s location on the edges of the Golden Horseshoe and nearly 100km from Toronto means the city escapes huge auto insurance costs. Indeed, the top ten most expensive insurance markets in both Ontario and Canada are in the GTA area in and around Toronto. Still, shopping for car insurance quotes is a guaranteed way to save you even more money on coverage.

Barrie residents can expect to pay on average between $1,000 and $1,300 per year for their auto coverage. This means the city is one of the Ontario regions less affected by the high prices of the Greater Toronto Area. The provincial average currently stands at $1,448, so many drivers in Barrie will pay below the average for coverage.

This is good news and highlights the weight Toronto puts on the Ontarian auto insurance market.

Every driver in Ontario must hold car insurance by law. Shop Insurance Canada helps customers save money on their coverage by allowing them to compare rates. Among the factors that will determine how much you will ultimately pay for coverage are:

Location: Where the customer lives is very important. Some areas have more vehicle thefts than others, or perhaps accident rates are more frequent in a certain area of the city.

Driving Record: Arguably the most important factor in determining auto insurance in Barrie is your driving history. Traffic infractions such as DUIs or previous failed insurance payments will act negatively upon the cost of coverage. For example, a driver with one license suspension in the last six years will pay over $3,000 for their car insurance on average. This is more than double the average cost for the city ($1,000-$1,300).
Policy Options: All insurers offer a basic insurance policy under Ontarian regulations. However, customers can add to their policies with added benefits and coverage. These extras can add cost to the overall price of the policy.
How much and How far: Simply put, if you use your car regularly and drive long distances, your insurance will be more expensive on average than a driver who uses their vehicle less.

Affordable Auto Insurance in Barrie


While drivers in Barrie get an easier time compared to their Toronto counterparts, saving money on auto insurance in the city is still possible. Shopping for car insurance quotes is the best way to get the most affordable coverage that meets your needs.

By using the Shop Insurance Canada quote engine, you can compare prices from over 25 leading insurers in Ontario. Rates are always changing and companies do not offer the same prices. If you think you currently have the best deal available, you may find upon renewal that the market has shifted.

By using our tool, you can see results in under a minute and have peace of mind that you have the most affordable rate for the auto policy you want. Not shopping for rates is still a mistake many customers make and the consequence can mean paying hundreds of dollars more for coverage.

We scour more than 25 of Canada’s leading insurance providers to come up with a list of quotes that offer you the very best coverage at the very best price. Our team of brokers—not agents—works for you, not an auto insurance company. We are based in the Toronto, so understand the market and the challenges of insuring a vehicle in the city. Shop Insurance Canada can quickly provide impartial advice when it matters most. We act as an intermediary between you and the auto insurance companies to find you the lowest Toronto car insurance quote available.