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Hamilton Car Insurance

Hamilton is an important industrial and cultural city that lies on the western shores of Lake Ontario, 61 kilometers from Toronto. Despite covering a relatively small area, Hamilton is densely populated, with the 2011 census showing 519,949 inhabitants in the city.

Over the latter half of the 20th century, Hamilton has become an important hub for industry. Indeed, the city is now recognized as the central urban location of the Golden Horseshoe. Hamilton is ninth largest metropolitan area in Canada and the third largest in Ontario, while also being the seventh most expensive auto insurance market in the country.

The origins of the city can be traced back to one man. George Hamilton purchased the original land from James Durand, the local Member of the British Legislative Assembly. After the War of 1812, Hamilton collaborated with property owner Nathaniel Hughson to construct a courthouse and jail on his new property.

Hamilton was born when the land was offered to the crown, allowing the town to grow as Durand became inspired by what Hamilton and Hughson had done.

Since then Hamilton has grown to be an important industrial and cultural hub. The city is home to the Royal Botanical Gardens, the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, the Bruce Trail, McMaster University and Mohawk College. Hamilton has also become important to the arts in Ontario, with numerous TV and film productions created in the city.

Auto insurance in Hamilton

Unfortunately, Hamilton is nestled in the Golden Horseshoe, which is an area of Canada with the most expensive auto insurance in the country. This collection of urban areas include Toronto, Kitchener, Hamilton, Niagara, and Waterloo.

There are reasons why this geography is the most expensive region to insure a vehicle:

The collection of cities represent the largest and most populated urban ribbon in Canada and one of the largest in North America. Cities are always expensive markets for auto insurance because the volume of vehicles and people leads to more collisions and more thefts. Insurance companies work on risk, deciding a premium price depends on how likely an insurer thinks it will lose money through a claim.

Fraud is a huge problem in Ontario and contributes to high car insurance cost in the province. Hamilton is part of the most populated region, which has become a hot bed for insurance fraud. Crime rings are in operation in the city and it is believed to cost customers over $1 billion per year. 

Ontario as a whole is expensive for car insurance with an average premium of around $1,400. However, this price has a lot to do with the Golden Horseshoe, with Hamilton being among the most expensive. The average auto insurance premium in the city is $1,683, which is 16% higher than the provincial average, making Hamilton the seventh most expensive auto insurance market in Canada.

Like the rest of Ontario, there is a set way in which the private insurance industry calculates auto insurance, but some of the most common criteria include:


  • Driving experience
  • Driving record
  • Use and location of your vehicle
  • The type of vehicle you drive
  • The amount of coverage you’ve selected
  • Your age and gender


Getting affordable car insurance in Hamilton

Because of the high auto insurance in Hamilton, shopping around for the most affordable policy is very important. Remarkably, many customers still do not shop around for quotes and simply take the first policy they find. This is risky because it can mean a policy that lacks necessary benefits but still costs a lot of money.


Shopping around can help find the most affordable policy that matches your specific needs. Shop Insurance Canada is home to a tool the finds quotes from over 30 of Ontario’s leading auto insurance providers. Our easy to use engine finds the most affordable deals based on the criteria you select through the simple process. We scour more than 25 of Canada’s leading insurance providers to come up with a list of quotes that offer you the very best coverage at the very best price. Our team of brokers—not agents—works for you, not an auto insurance company.

We are based in the Toronto, so understand the market and the challenges of insuring a vehicle in the city. Shop Insurance Canada can quickly provide impartial advice when it matters most. We act as an intermediary between you and the auto insurance companies to find you the lowest Toronto car insurance quote available.

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