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Richmond Hill Car Insurance

Richmond Hill is a town in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), more specifically in the York Region within the province of Ontario. According to the 2011 census, the town has a population of 185,541, making it’s the third most populous municipality in the York Region and the 28th more populated in Canada as a whole .

Note for its multicultural make up, Richmond Hill was Canada’s fastest-growing community during the 1990s and became an affluent town in the Greater Toronto Area. The town forms part of the Regional Municipality of York, which was formed the Act to Establish the Regional Municipality of York (Bill 102) in 1971. This allowed Richmond Hill to be expanded with some parts of Whitchurch, Vaughan, Markham, and King folding into Richmond Hill.

This expansion almost doubled the population of the town, an explosive growth that continued over the next four decades. Population exploded in the 1990s as Richmond Hill became a hub for immigration within the GTA region and Ontario. During the first part of the decade, the town was the fastest growing in Canada, according to Statistics Canada.

Immigration became the backbone of the town and resulted in Richmond Hill’s noted diversity today. The Richmond Hill Association for Multiculturism was formed in 1989 and today many ethnic backgrounds and religious beliefs are in evidence in the town. Indeed, Richmond Hill has significant infrastructure from the Chinese, Italian, and Indian communities.

Diversity and population growth allowed Richmond Hill to become an affluent town with an economy built on a workforce in business, healthcare, and finance. Among the town’s most notable features is the David Dunlap Observatory telescope, which was once the second largest in the world. It is still the largest telescope anywhere in Canada.

Auto insurance in Richmond Hill

As is usually the case, population growth and city expansion had an impact on auto insurance, with premiums in Richmond Hill amongst the most expensive in Canada. This steady rise in insurance prices has coincided with the development of the town in recent decades. For example, Yonge Street is a major thoroughfare in the town which was expanded to four lanes in 1971. Reflecting increasing traffic and collisions in the town. It is worth noting that Yonge Street has been dubbed “Ontario’s worst stretch of highway”.

Richmond Hill is the fifth most expensive auto insurance market in Ontario and consequently in Canada. This is based on an average premium that customers pay in the province. As a whole, Ontario is the most expensive auto insurance location in Canada. The province is sometimes up to 40% more expensive than other regions in the country, and this is largely because of the Greater Toronto Area.


The group of urban areas in and around Toronto present an unbalanced insurance market in Ontario. If the GTA region was removed from Ontario, the provincial average premium would decrease. This is because most municipalities within GTA are more expensive than the province, and in some case more than 35% more expensive.

Drivers pay around $1,400 on average for auto insurance in Ontario, but in Richmond Hill the average premium price is $1,783. That number is 23% higher than the average cost compared to Ontario as a whole.

There are a number of reasons why insurance in Richmond Hill is so expensive. Some of them range from genuine insurance practices to outright nefarious situations like auto insurance fraud.

Insurance companies charge too much – The private auto insurance industry has been widely criticized for allowing rates to go too high over the last number of decades. In response, companies insist that market conditions resulting from other factors mean that premiums must be high to offset risk. In Ontario, companies assess insurance on factors such as driving experience, driving record, type of vehicle, policy required, and age/gender.

However, insurers will also look at external factors, such as the location a vehicle will be stored and used, how busy the area is, the amount of traffic, theft rate, and likelihood of a collision. Because of the population, size, and location of Richmond Hill, insurers essentially hedge their bets with high premiums to avoid losing money.

Fraud – Unfortunately, auto insurance fraud is a major problem in Ontario, with the focus on the Greater Toronto Area. Crime rings have formed that ship vehicles overseas and claim them as stolen to insurers. It is believed fraud costs customers over $1 billion per year and hundreds of dollars could be saved on an average premium if fraud was removed entirely.

Government failures – The government spent too many years ignoring the constant growth of premiums in Ontario. Over the last three years, the provincial government has enacted a number of initiatives to lower costs. It is a slow progress, but the hope is premiums will eventually fall.

Getting affordable car insurance in Richmond Hill

Auto insurance in Richmond Hill is very expensive, so consumers need to find a way to make their coverage as affordable as possible. The very best way to do this is to shop around for a policy and doing so in the quickest possible way.

Shop Insurance Canada provides a quote engine that gives customers an easy and efficient way to shop for auto insurance in Richmond Hill. The tool provides results from Canada’s leading providers, allowing customers to find the best policy for them at the most affordable price.

It is interesting that many consumer still avoid shopping around. With online tools, there really is no reason to miss out on the most affordable auto insurance.

We scour more than 25 of Canada’s leading insurance providers to come up with a list of quotes that offer you the very best coverage at the very best price. Our team of brokers—not agents—works for you, not an auto insurance company. We are based in the Toronto, so understand the market and the challenges of insuring a vehicle in the city. Shop Insurance Canada can quickly provide impartial advice when it matters most. We act as an intermediary between you and the auto insurance companies to find you the lowest Toronto car insurance quote available.

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