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Greater Sudbury (Sudbury) is an important hub in Northern Ontario and the largest city in that part of the province. With a population of 161,531 (2016 Census), Sudbury is the 24th largest metropolitan area in Canada.

Interestingly, despite being dwarfed by other Ontarian cities like Toronto and Ottawa, Greater Sudbury is actually the largest in the province based on land area. Founded in 1883, the city now known as Greater Sudbury was created in 2001 by the merger of the Regional Municipality of Sudbury and numerous unincorporated townships.

Spread across a geographical range that encompasses some 300 lakes, Sudbury has risen on the back of its core mining industry. Once a leader in lumber and nickel mining, Sudbury has diversified through the 21st century and has become a major retail, educational, health, and economic centre for Northern Ontario.

Greater Sudbury is also a driving paradise, with some of the most scenic roads in Ontario. The city is situated on the Trans-Canada highway at the intersections of Highways 17 and 69. People travelling from Southern Ontario often take the beautiful Georgian Bay Coastal Route to make the most of this wonderful area.

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Greater Sudbury is located in Ontario, which is the most expensive auto insurance market in Canada. No matter what, customers are going to pay over the odds for coverage in the city, at least compared to other provinces.

However, Sudbury sits outside the Golden Horseshoe, the area of Ontario that comprises the Greater Toronto Area and other urban centres, which is home to the most expensive premiums. Because of this, Sudbury is relatively affordable on the scale of Ontario insurance rates.

The province’s excessive rates are largely due to the Golden Horseshoe, which means Ontario has an average premium of $1,551. In Greater Sudbury, the average rate is more reasonable and sits around $1,150 in the heart of the city to around $1,250 in other locations around the metropolitan area.

Sudbury may be cheap in Ontario terms, but its premium average is still higher than any other province. The second most expensive market for auto insurance in Canada is British Columbia, with an average of $1,237. Sudbury residents can pay more than this, depending on location.

Cheap car insurance in Sudbury Ontario

Because Sudbury is still expensive for car insurance, the best way to ensure the more affordable policy is to shop around. Indeed, even if you live in a cheap insurance market, shopping for quotes is a must. provides a base for you to conduct your search without any stress. Our online quote tool lets you efficiently and speedily find the most affordable quotes that match your insurance expectations.

We scour more than 25 of Canada’s leading insurance providers to come up with a list of quotes that offer you the very best coverage at the very best price. Our team of brokers—not agents—works for you, not an auto insurance company. We are based in the Toronto, so understand the market and the challenges of insuring a vehicle in the city. Shop Insurance Canada can quickly provide impartial advice when it matters most. We act as an intermediary between you and the auto insurance companies to find you the lowest Sudbury car insurance quote available.

Sudbury driving tips:

  • Gear up for winter: Winters in Northern Ontario are ferocious. Drivers should be prepared for the cold season and at a minimum should install snow tires. Special winter rubber will make driving easier and will even score customers an auto insurance discount. Other winter preparations can include proper vehicle maintenance and cautious driving practices.
  • Watch the fog: Greater Sudbury is located around 300 lakes, which often create fog from cool water meeting humid air. This fog can be particularly think on Highway 17,so drivers are advised to observe safe driving in these conditions. Turn on fog lights and slow down.
  • Road work frustration: Sudbury is noted for its poor roads, but the local government is working to improve the situation, while also undertaking major infrastructure projects to improve links to Southern Ontario.
  • Avoid the potholes if you can: With generally poor roads and harsh winters, Sudbury’s streets take a beating when the winter run off begins. The city is peppered with hundreds of potholes, and authorities simply cannot fix them fast enough. Pay extra attention to the roads and drive carefully to avoid hitting a pothole.

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