Toronto is both the largest and most populated city in Canada. It is a metropolitan hub and one of the largest urban locations in North American when including the Greater Toronto Area. The city is also the most expensive auto insurance market in Canada, so shopping for car insurance quotes in Toronto is hugely important.

The Ontarian capital is a world city that serves as Canada’s centre of business, finance, arts, and culture. Toronto is noted for its multicultural and cosmopolitan nature, making it an international centre noted by the global community.

2,615,060 people call Toronto their home, while 5.5 million make up the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). The land on which the city sits has been occupied for thousands of years, but did not start to take form as an urban melting pot until Europeans settled and founded a town called Teiaiagon.

That small settlement on the banks of the River Humber has been changed and developed over the centuries and has become the fifth largest city in North America, starting with the establishment of the Town of York by the British.

Like the rest of Canada, Toronto’s modern population has been built on immigration. Indeed, even today diversity drives Toronto, with more than 50% of the city’s residents born outside Canada. There are over 200 ethnicities represented in the city, reflecting Toronto’s historic role as a gateway into Canada.

The City of York was plundered and overtaken by US forces in an occupation that lasted five days. The Battle of York is a significant event in Canadian history as the country was pulled into the war between the United States and Britain. On March 6, 1838 York was renamed as Toronto. The city has since grown into the largest in Canada and has become an iconic symbol of Ontario.

Auto Insurance in Toronto

Toronto is the hub of Ontario, the most populated province in Canada with over 9.4 million drivers on the roads. Many of those drivers are located in the Greater Toronto Area, so that is a lot of people on the city’s roads and freeways. That is why Toronto is considered one of the hardest places to drive in the country and can be daunting for those not used to 16-lane highways and frantic traffic.

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The city is also home to the busiest highway in North America. Yes, not even New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles have anything on Toronto’s 401.

Finding auto insurance quotes in Toronto is easy as Ontario is home to Canada’s leading providers. However, insuring a car in the city is hugely expensive with an average premium that is higher than anywhere else in the country. The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) plays a huge part in Ontario as a whole being Canada’s costliest car insurance market.

The province has been found to be the most expensive in Canada for insuring a vehicle over many studies and many years. In some cases Ontarians pay up to 40% more for their coverage than drivers in other provinces. The average price for insuring a vehicle in Ontario is over $1,500, but admittedly the number is coming down thanks to government and insurance company initiatives.

Staggeringly, the GTA region can be 40% more expensive than the Ontario average, meaning in some neighborhoods customers are paying well over $2,000 to insure their vehicles. This means Toronto and surrounding areas are contributing to Ontario’s high average for auto insurance. If the city was removed from the equation, the province’s rates would come down substantially. To put it into perspective, nine of the top 10 most expensive auto insurance markets in Canada fall within the Greater Toronto Area.

Getting Affordable Car Insurance Quotes in Toronto

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Toronto Driving Facts

  • Yonge and Dundas is the busiest intersection in Toronto with total traffic volume of 129,704 per day, according to City of Toronto Transportation Services. Steeles Ave. E. and Hwy. 404 have the most traffic flow when just vehicles (not bicycles) are counted, with 107,356 per day.
  • Toronto has 5,600km of road with 504 pedestrian crosswalks.
  • Auto insurance fraud is a huge problem in Toronto and is a major contributor to the city’s excessive premiums. It is believed insurance fraud costs customers over $1billion per year and drivers would save considerably if fraud was eliminated.
  • The Honda Civic 4DR is the most popular car in the city.
  • The average mileage for drivers in Toronto is 13,178 km, which is below the national average.

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