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Vaughan is a city located in Ontario and is a municipality within the region of York in the Greater Toronto Area, North of the city of Toronto. Like other cities in the GTA region, Vaughan has become an important center of commerce and culture. It also shares something else with its fellow greater Toronto cities, very expensive auto insurance premiums.  Luckily, consumers can compare car insurance quotes from insurance providers published on Shop Insurance Canada, and save money on a policy.

The last two decades have saw Vaughan grow sharply to become an important neighborhood in the Greater Toronto Area. Indeed, no other Canadian municipality grew as much as the city did between 1996 and 2006. This huge growth saw the city have a growth rate of 80.2% and overall since 1991 Vaughan’s population has doubled.

According to the 2011 census, Vaughan now has a population of 288,301 and is the fifth largest city in the Greater Toronto Area and the 17th largest city in Canada.

Vaughan was first settled in 1792, but the land the city lies on was first witnessed by a European when French explorer Etienne Brule traversed the Humber Trail in 1615. Over 150 years later settlements starting forming before the town was named after Benjamin Vaughan. He was a British commissioner who signed a peace treaty with United States in 1783.

Upon the creation of the York Region in 1971, Vaughan became part of the new municipality and at the same time merged with the Village of Woodbridge to form the Town of Vaughan. 20 years later in 1991, the town was granted city status, becoming the City of Vaughan.

Getting Affordable Auto Insurance in Vaughan

Vaughan is one of only two locations in Canada where the average auto insurance policy exceeds $2,000, making it the second most expensive insurance market in the country. Its position in Ontario and the Greater Ontario Area means Vaughan can be prohibitively expensive when insuring a vehicle.

car-insurance-quotes (1)It is true that cities are more expensive in general, but the GTA region surpasses what is normal for auto insurance quotes. Ontario’s position as the most expensive province for insurance is largely because of Toronto and surrounding cities, such as Vaughan.

Yes, usual city factors contribute to Vaughan’s high rates. For example, high traffic flow, more theft, and more accidents all mean insurers leverage the risk with higher premiums.

However, this is not the whole story for cities in the Greater Toronto Area. A number of market conditions mean insuring a vehicle in the region is daunting. Fraud is a major contributor to excessive rates. Ontario is a hotbed of insurance fraud and the GTA region is the hub of this criminal activity. Customers end up paying as much as $200 per year on their policy because of province-wide fraud.

The insurance situation in Ontario is improving. The government has pledged to continue to cut rates until a 15% reduction is achieved, while insurance companies and law enforcement are attacking fraudulent activity with a renewed determination. Progress has been slow and will continue to be, but hopefully cities like Vaughan will become more affordable.

Unfortunately, the change hasn’t happened yet. Vaughan residents pay on average $2,018 for their car insurance policies. Considering the provincial average in Ontario is $1,400, its clear customers are overpaying for coverage. Indeed, Vaughan drivers 39% more compared to the average Ontarian.

Get Car Insurance Quotes in Vaughan

A near 40% mark up on auto insurance is worrying for consumers. The very best advice for drivers in Vaughan is to shop around to ensure the most affordable car insurance quotes possible. Studies in 2016 showed that a large percentage of Ontarians still ignore shopping around and take the first auto policy they are offered.

When car insurance premiums are already expensive, not shopping for the best price is a huge mistake. Consumers can end up paying hundreds of dollars more than they should and always end up paying more if they just accept the first policy they see.

Luckily, shopping around is not the frustrating effort it used to be. With Shop Insurance Canada, finding an ideal car insurance quote takes less than a minute. Our fast car insurance quote tool provides accurate quotes based on the information given by a client.

We strongly believe that the best policy is the one that meets each criteria given by the consumer. Our quote engine scours the market to ensure that perfect policy is available at the most reasonable price possible.

Compare rates from 25+ of Canada’s leading insurance providers to find auto insurance quotes that offer you the very best coverage at the very best price. Based in Vaughan, we understand the market and the challenges of insuring a vehicle in the city. Use Shop Insurance Canada to find the lowest Vaughan car insurance quotes available.



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