A Canadian insurance company dating from before confederation, Gore Mutual Insurance Company has been in the business of insurance for over 175 years. Gore provides a wide variety of insurance products to a varied customer base, including consumers, wholesalers, garages, contractors, and manufacturers.


As one of the longest-running Canadian insurers, Gore Mutual prides itself on its excellent customer satisfaction. Specializing in small to medium sized businesses, Gore works closely with brokers and their clients to ensure the best possible claims service experience.

Overall: 4.5/5
Product/Flexibility: 4.9/5
Coverage + Specialization: 4.3/5
Claims Service: 4.4/5
Price: 5/5

Gore Mutual Auto Insurance Quote

Gore Mutual is the oldest insurance company in Canada and has been in operations since June 18, 1839. Over nearly two centuries, the company has seen it all, becoming a major provider of personal and commercial lines. Located in Cambridge Ontario, the company also has a western headquarters located in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Longevity is not Gore’s only plus point, the company is still delivering the goods in the 21st century. In 2014, Gore Mutual was named the number one insurance company in Ontario by The Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAO).

In 2015, the federal government opened legislation that allowed mutual insurance companies to demutualize. While others, such as Economical Insurance, started a path to demutualization, Gore decided it will remain a mutual provider. The company was also among the first to embrace a paperless office objective.

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Gore Mutual Customer Benefits

Paperless Commitment: In 2002, Gore Mutual Insurance started its paperless initiative and within 10 months was operating 70% electronic and 30% paper. Since then, the company has continued to lead Canadian insurance in embracing electronic and digital solutions.

Strong Personal Service: Gore Mutual has been operating since before modern Canada was formed. The company knows how making a claim is not just a business deal and that customers lives can be affected by insurance loss. A 24/7 claims service is open to all customers.

Stable Solutions: Longevity is important as it makes Gore one of Canada’s most stable insurance providers. The company is embracing new technology to further its commitment to brokers and customers.

Gore Mutual Personal Insurance Solutions

Car & Vehicle Insurance

  • Standard Coverage
  • Collision
  • Comprehensive

Extra Coverage and Discounts

  • Transportation Replacement
  • Driver Record Protector
  • Ontario Optional Accident Benefits


  • 3 year customers
  • Installing winter tires
  • Conviction-free records
  • Students living away from home
  • Multiple policies
  • Multiple vehicles

Home Insurance Solutions with Gore Mutual

  • Condo
  • Home
  • Tenants

Extra Coverage

  • Extra coverages and discounts
  • Rented Properties
  • Country Estate
  • Valuables
  • Enhanced Special Limits
  • WaterEscape Plus

Accidental Death and Dismemberment

  • Home-based Business
  • High Value Homes
  • Umbrella
  • Identity Theft
  • Disappearing Deductible
  • Earthquake
  • Valuable Discounts