Conservative politician explains position in the insurance industry

Published: October 2, 2019



As Canada head towards a federal election later this month, insurance is becoming an increasingly important campaign point. Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer may be able to appeal to voters concerned about insurance issues as he seemingly once worked in the industry.

Speculation has been growing about exactly what Scheer did in insurance. His online bio states the politician “worked in the private sector as an insurance broker”.

Liberal candidate Marco Mendicino has complained about the bio, suggesting Scheer may have been promoting himself. Mendicino has asked the Saskatchewan superintendent of insurance and the chair of the Insurance Councils of Saskatchewan to investigate if the politician was promoting his position as a licensed broker.

The Insurance Brokers Association of Saskatchewan (IBAS) has finally confirmed the situation. IBAS CEO Derek Lothian said:

“Over the past two days, IBAS has received several inquiries regarding education and licensing pathways for insurance brokers in Saskatchewan — specifically, with respect to Mr. Scheer’s time in the province’s insurance industry.

“It is our understanding there has been a formal complaint issued to the General Insurance Council of Saskatchewan (GICS), which provides licensing and regulatory oversight to insurance brokers. Accordingly, with that file under review, it would be inappropriate for IBAS to comment at this time, and further questions on the matter should be directed to GICS officials.

“IBAS can confirm, however, that Mr. Scheer did complete an accredited course with IBAS that would form part of the eligibility requirements for licensing.”

Scheer has responded and confirmed he worked for in the insurance industry but was only in the position for “six or seven months”. He says he worked in a Regina office and was “supporting the whole team … answering questions from customer and clients and doing preparatory work”. He said he left that specific agency before obtaining his full license, but that he did eventually receive “that accreditation for general insurance”.