Consumer Reports shows which car brands are most reliability

Published: October 20, 2017

Updated: July 24, 2018

Author: Luke Jones



Consumer Reports has published its 2017 Car Reliability Survey, which ranks which new car models are the most reliable, and which customers should avoid.

In its immense study, Consumer Reports collects data on over 640,000 vehicles that operate in the United States. The company updates the results each year, to reflect new model releases. By looking at the report, consumers can be more informed about which vehicles are built to last and which ones cannot be trusted.

In the 2017 Car Reliability Survey, Consumer Reports find new or new designs of old models are the most likely to break down, usually because of newly introduced technology. For example, owners of first-year models have double the complaints about infotainment systems compared to owners of models that have not received significant changes.

CR looks at the average score for brands and individual models. This year, Chrysler was the most improved brand, while Acura dropped more than any other.

CR rates car models individually, but also takes an average score based on each brand’s lineup to see how each brand stacks up. Below is the top 10 brands for reliability:

1. Toyota

Most reliable model: 86
Least reliable model Tacoma
Average reliability score: 80

2. Lexus

Most reliable model: ES
Least reliable model: GX
Average reliability score: 77

3. Kia

Most reliable model: Niro
Least reliable model Sportage
Average reliability score: 71

4. Audi

Most reliable model: Q3
Least reliable model: A7
Average reliability score: 68

5. BMW

Most reliable model: 2 series
Least reliable model: i3
Average reliability score: 62

6. Subaru

Most reliable model: BRZ
Least reliable model: Impreza
Average reliability score: 60

7. Infiniti

Most reliable model: Q70
Least reliable model Q50
Average reliability score: 60

8. Buick

Most reliable model: Encore
Least reliable model: LaCrosse
Average reliability score: 59

9. Honda

Most reliable model: CR-V
Least reliable model: Ridgeline
Average reliability score: 59

10. Hyundai

Most reliable model: Elantra
Least reliable model: Tucson
Average reliability score: 59