CSIO says eSlips solution will be free

Published: September 14, 2017

Updated: July 24, 2018

Author: Luke Jones



The Centre for Study of Insurance Operations (CSIO) said Thursday it will make its digital policy documents solution free. CSIO’s solution is an industry-wide digital document service that will include proof of auto insurance (eSlips), and will be free to all members.

“Digital delivery of policy documents is a basic expectation for consumers,” said CSIO board member Christopher Harness, who also serves as senior vice president of solutions delivery at Northbridge Financial Corporation. “Furthermore, we recognize that our industry as a whole will benefit from a uniform, standardized digital experience for consumers. Offering this solution, free of charge, simplifies the business case for implementation and encourages widespread adoption by members nationally.”

CSIO’s system is compatible across platforms with major digital wallets on Apple, Android, and Windows phone devices. 57% of Canadians are already using these digital payment services.

Catherine Smola, CSIO president and CEO, says the decision “marks an important milestone in our direction towards a fast, easy and convenient way for brokers and carriers to deliver policy documents for all lines of business, including eSlips, electronically to Canadians. The board decision supports cooperation and collaboration within the industry for the benefit of all members and consumers.”

The organization will release its eSlips service before the close of 2017. CSIO has previously called the solution “an industry solution for the digital delivery of proof of auto insurance cards.”