Deadly weekend leads Quebec police to issue motorcyclist warning

Published: July 17, 2018



Last weekend was not a good one for motorcyclists in Quebec, with six serious accidents in the province, of which three were fatal. In response, the police in Quebec has urged motorcycle drivers to be careful on roads.

"One death is one too many for those people's families, so that's what we're trying to prevent," said Sûrété du Québec spokesperson Sgt. Audrey-Anne Bilodeau. 

“Speed is at least a contributing factor” in all the cases, Bilodeau confirmed, although he said investigations into the incidents are ongoing. Distractions may have also played a part in the collisions.

"Usually, motorcyclists, they are more on the road when the weather is beautiful. There are also more vehicles on the roads when it's vacation," Bilodeau said.

She says police want motorcycle drivers to make themselves as visible as possible when riding, whether through clothing or through road management and positioning. Additionally, law enforcement in Quebec wants car motorists to be vigilant and to maintain a safe distance between their vehicles and motorcycles.

Sylvain Bergeron, the president of the Quebec federation of motorcyclists (FMQ), believes more can be done wand want riders to improve their skills through courses. SAAQ, the province’s auto insurance board handed the FMQ a grant to create educational infrastructure for improving rider skill.

Through the grant, motorcyclists can pay $160 for a course, which is half price the normal rate. While the course has traditionally only been operational in spring, FMQ confirms it is now available during summer and into fall.

wants to take prevention a step further by teaching riders to improve their skills. 

Quebec's automobile insurance board, the SAAQ, provided the FMQ with a grant to offer the course to the general public for $160, which is about half the regular price. The course, which used to be offered only in the spring, is now offered throughout the summer and into the fall.

"When you spend quality time building up your skill set on braking, curve analysis, control of your machine, we raise the skill set, and this saves lives."