Dive In festival seeks to increase diversity within insurance industry

Published: July 13, 2018



The insurance industry has never really been a haven for diversity, but times are changing and improvements are being made. Still, there is much work to be done for companies to be all-inclusive in terms of embracing different cultures, backgrounds, genders, and communities. With that in mind, the annual Dive In festival has been launched in London.

The goal behind Dive In is to promote diversity and inclusion within the insurance industry. This year’s event is running under the theme of #time4inclusion and will take place between September 25-27 in 26 participating countries and in nearly 100 cities. Dive In 2018 was launched this week at the historic Lloyd’s building in the heart of the UK capital.

Dive In has been running for four years and the organizers describe the growth over that time as “astonishing”, and says it shows insurers are serious about diversity and inclusion. Jason Groves, Global Director of Media Relations at Marsh and Committee Chair for Dive In says the festival has reached insurance companies:

“What’s amazing is how much of a chord the Dive In festival has struck within the industry. People are really starting to realize the need for insurance to become more diverse and inclusive – and that understanding is growing throughout the whole workforce, including the C-suite,” Groves commented.

“One of the things that characterizes the insurance industry at the moment is the need to become more innovative. To do that and meet the increased demands of the global workplace, we need to have diverse fields of thought, background, experience and ideas. There’s all sorts of evidence to support the dividends of diversity within business.”  

While the festival has been successful, organizers admit many companies find turning their desire to embrace diversity into action is not easy. Dive In says many people struggle to make commitments to improving inclusion so the festival can provide advice and resources during educational sessions.

“The insurance industry does do some of this very well. Recently in London, there was a fantastic cross-insurance industry Pride march, which included several hundred people from a wide range of insurance organizations,” Groves told Insurance Business. “That took a lot of self-organization, but what we need to do now is get people at all levels more comfortable talking about these topics.”