Economical Helps Canadian Cancer Society Raise $1.35 Million

Published: September 29, 2016

Updated: July 24, 2018

Author: Luke Jones



Earlier in the year, we reported that Economical Insurance was once again a sponsor for the Canadian Cancer Society’s 10 Relay for Life events around the country. Those events have now taken place and Economical sent out a press release stating that more than $1.35 million was raised for the Canadian Cancer Society.

As a sponsor, Economical was a key participant in the relays and also in helping to achieve the amount raised. Indeed, the company donated $109,500 to the Canadian Cancer Society. The company participated in ten of the relays in Ontario and Quebec. The events were held in June of this year and saw hundreds of people enter to help save lives and further research into cancer.

 “At Economical, how we operate reflects our values and who we are as a company,” said Karen Gavan, President and Chief Executive Officer, Economical Insurance. “Many of us have experienced cancer in some way, and for Economical to help fund cancer research is important to us as an employer and insurance provider.”

Economical Insurance is a long-time sponsor of the Canadian Cancer Society and its Relay for Life events. The company also helps the nonprofit in other fundraising initiatives in Ontario and beyond.

“It’s thanks to Economical Insurance and our other valued partners that we are able to host our Relay For Life events that generate significant funds for our organization,” says Susan Drodge, Director of Corporate and Community Partnerships for the Canadian Cancer Society in Ontario. “The need for support has never been greater. Driven by an aging and growing population, the number of cancer cases in Canada is expected to increase by 40% within 15 years, which will increase the demand for our research and support programs.”