Ford recalls 2 million units of Canada’s most popular vehicles

Published: September 24, 2018



Just weeks after recalling 50,000 vehicles due to cables catching fire in Fusion and C-Max vehicles, Ford has been forced to issue a recall on a further 2 million vehicles. This time, the company is calling back the Ford F-150 pickup trucks.

Ford says affected F-150 models are from 2015 and 2018 and the recall is happening across North America. In Canada, the F-150 pickup is the country’s most popular vehicles. Ford says 340,000 of the recalled vehicles will be from Canada.

Ford expects to lose US$140 million due to the recall.

In a press release, the automotive giant says a defective seat belt pretensioner is the problem with the vehicles. This component is creating excessive sparks when they tighten in the lead up to a collision. F-150 trucks from between 2015 to 2018 have gases in a support pillar between the front and rear seats.

Ford explains this gas could be ignited by the excessive sparks from the seat belt pretensioner. Interestingly, some of the pretensioners were built by Takata, the company involved in the huge airbag scandal that resulted in millions of vehicles from all brands being recalled. Takata’s faulty airbags were prone to explode, causing injury and death. Since that scandal, Takata has folded.

The fire risk from the sparking seat belt pretensioners is real, with 23 reported fires or smoke outbreaks in F-150 vehicles in the United States and Canada. No injuries have been reported yet. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) confirmed it has been conducting an ongoing investigation.