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Classic Car Insurnace

When it comes to insurance, distinguishing between classic and regular cars is extremely important. ... read more

High Risk Car Insurance

Car insurance companies have a category for drivers that have several claims or convictions on their ... read more

Cheapest Cars to Insure

Ever wondered which car to choose if you’re looking to save money on your car insurance policy? ... read more

Rental Car Insurance

When you travel, you often need a way to get around that won’t hurt the budget, and renting a car ... read more

Car Insurance For Teens

Finding the right car insurance policy for your teen or young driver can be a bit of a headache. ... read more

Car Insurance Renewal

One of the most crucial times in the life of your car insurance policy is your renewal. This is the ... read more

Canadian Car Insurance Coverages Explained

Shopping for car insurance in Canada can be an arduous task. The types of coverage, limits, and ... read more

Bundling Insurance

Insurance companies offer a variety of discounts for home and auto insurance, and by far the most ... read more

How to Estimate Car Insurance

Insurance can be a confusing ordeal for even the most financially experienced person. The rating ... read more

Flood Insurance

Until very recently, Canada was the only G8 country that did not offer some type of flood insurance, ... read more

Car Insurance For 50+

Many drivers assume when they pass fifty that the good times of affordable premiums are over, even ... read more

Commercial Car Insurance

Many consumers believe that their personal auto coverage is sufficient to cover them for commercial ... read more

Car Insurance For New Drivers

Personal car insurance for a new driver can be split into two different types, coverage for under ... read more

Student Car Insurance

For many teenagers heading off to college is the first moment of independence in their lives, and it ... read more

Temporary Car Insurance

Temporary car insurance is exactly what you think it is; a short term coverage alternative that ... read more

Type Of Car Insurance in Canada

When looking for car insurance in Canada you should be able to find at least a basic policy that ... read more

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