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Bundling Insurance Policies

The termInsurance Bundlingrefers to a situation whereby a consumer buys more than one insurance policy with the same insurance company – for instance home and auto insurance. Normally, insurance firms…

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Benefits of Bundling your Insurance Policies

There are many items that needs to be protected – a car, a home, vacation homes, recreational vehicles such as dirt bikes and motorcycles, and even your life. It is…

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How to Save Up to 25% by Combining Car and Home Insurance

Although it seems less important to spend on something you may not use in the end, we all pay high premiums on home and auto insurance. Many individuals will not…

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How Insurance Customers Can Save on Car, Home, and Boat Coverage

Is there anyone you know who enjoys dealing with a bunch of daily bills? I haven’t come across such a fellow. For the average individual, car and home expenses are…

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Why staying at home can save you money on auto insurance

It is an industry trope that has a bit of cliché to it… young drivers pay disproportionately high premiums for their auto insurance. If you happen to be a young…

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Different Ways To Bundle Car & Home Insurance

While a home and auto insurance bundle is the most common way of combining policies there are other ways you can cut a better deal by adding coverage together. The…

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Bundling Multiple Insurance Policies

While most people know that bundling your home and auto policies with the same insurance company can help bring down your rate, there are other things you can bundle to…

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