How Insurance Customers Can Save on Car, Home, and Boat Coverage

Published: January 24, 2018

Updated: May 15, 2018



Is there anyone you know who enjoys dealing with a bunch of daily bills? I haven’t come across such a fellow. For the average individual, car and home expenses are just enough challenge. When premiums on insurance policy add to the list of costs to incur, the ability to pay becomes even more difficult.

You may not know that there is actually an alternative. I will tell you a little secret. You think you have no hope in this situation? You actually do and the solution to the problem is called “Bundled Insurance”. You may ask, what is bundled insurance? Sometimes, carrying out your own investigation in the different forms of coverage and the cost of such coverage can get you an insurance policy that might be more pocket friendly than others. There is another way of getting even more significant reduction in premium. According to many insurance companies, you will be saving a big amount of money when you combine two different kinds of insurance coverage under one plan. If you bundle your auto plan, for instance, together with your home insurance, you can leverage on this amazing option.

Why do insurance companies offer such alternative? You may ask.

The insurance sector is like other industries. The presence of competition stimulates the birth of ideas geared towards causing clients to remain with them. By formulating a plan that will cover your car and home as well as your boat if you own one, at a good price, the insurance company will be earning your loyalty. From their point of view, the savings the client will benefit is worth the price of the customer’s fidelity. So, this becomes a win-win situation. The client will be getting a great quote, while the company will be securing their customer.

But there is much more to gain from this kind of insurance package. By subscribing to a bundled auto and home policy, you will be earning additional bonuses. You will not only win by saving a huge sum of money, you will also get the comprehensive coverage required and the numerous bills which were generally part of your daily mail will be reduced to one bill that includes the cost of auto and home insurance. By doing it this way, it because easier to keep track of renewal dates. And because you have combined what can technically be classified as two different kinds of protective coverage into one comprehensive plan, you would have successfully combined two dates into one renewal date: auto and home insurance will be renewed together.

Here are testimonies that this is a cost effective way to go:

  • A vehicle and home owner decided to opt for a bundled plan. He was blissful to discover that this will save him $1,200 per annum.
  • A condo owner subscribed to a combined auto-condo insurance policy which gives him savings of $500 for the year.
  • Another homeowner heeded to the advice of his independent insurance agent and subscribed to a bundled auto-home insurance plan. He raked in $900 in year’s saving.

Incidentally, you can receive a bundled policy for your car and home as well as your boat, motorcycle, truck or any other watercraft or vehicle, and also a life or financial plan. Find out more about bundled insurance form your independent insurance agency.