Guide Category: Canadian Car Insurance Coverages Explained

Auto Theft and Your Auto Insurance Premiums

Auto theft causes an increase of $35 in the premiums of each policy holder, according to the Insurance Bureau of Canada. Also, an estimated $1 billion is spent on court…

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Canadian Term Insurance Explained

Canadian term insurance may sound like a new idea for individuals who consider whole life insurance to be policy which you pay for all through your life time; however, term…

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The Implication of a Canadian Car Insurance

Just like every other insurance, auto insurance is a requirement and you should endeavor to get as much as you can pay for. Canadian auto insurance differs from one province…

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What You Need to Know About Canadian Car Insurance

Americans have only two choices when it comes to travelling abroad: Canada to the north and Mexico to the south. Canada is the choice of many when it comes to…

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Understand liability auto insurance

You have probably heard of liability auto insurance before; it is the main type of coverage that drivers get and in fact it is a mandatory policy benefit. All major…

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Canadian Car Insurance Coverages Explained

Third-Party Liability Liability coverage protects you in the event that you’re found responsible for damage to someone else’s vehicle or resulting injuries. It’s the only mandatory coverage in Canada, and…

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