What You Need to Know About Canadian Car Insurance

Published: January 18, 2018

Updated: May 15, 2018



Americans have only two choices when it comes to travelling abroad: Canada to the north and Mexico to the south. Canada is the choice of many when it comes to wide open country and beautiful mountains. But when driving across the border to Canada to have that weekend vacation, what are your plans for car insurance? Will you be protected in the event of an accident? What type of Canadian car insurance are you expected to have and what is the cost implication?

Just like in the United States all drivers in Canada are expected to have car insurance. All drivers are expected to have insurance which offers compensation for injury or death caused by either the driver or for property damage or loss. In the US, this is commonly called liability insurance. And because this is also required in most parts of the United States, it would not pose a problem for American drivers to obtain. In the Province of Quebec, as far as the amount of coverage, the minimum coverage is $50,000 while elsewhere in Canada, the minimum coverage is $200,000 per accident.

The easiest way to find out whether your insurance coverage will be permitted in Canada is to review your policy. If you do not have your policy at hand, simply call the customer service department of your insurance company and make enquiries. Good insurance companies will cover travel to Canada with no hassles and with probably no changes to be made to your existing policy.

When travelling to Canada, keep your insurance card handy and ensure that your insurance is up-to-date. It should be accepted just as is the case in the US. If your insurance firm does not offer you Canadian car insurance, ask if it can be added as a special rider. This may be given to you as a permanent add-on or something that you can be granted for a few days to cover you throughout your stay.

As with other companies elsewhere in the world, the best way to find the best deal for Canadian car insurance quote is to shop around. In the age we live in, the best way to do this is to browse through the internet. Visiting places such as Kanetix will provide Canadian insurance quotes from a list of competitors. Each year that your policy is due for renewal, it will be a good idea to keep rechecking the competition to know if you can find a better quote to suit your situation.

You will receive multi-car discounts if you put all of your vehicles under the same Canadian car insurance company whenever this is possible. Another way to save premium cost is by insuring your car with the same insurance company that bears your homeowners policy. Find out what will save money and use that knowledge in shopping around for a good Canadian car insurance company.This is an awesome way to receive an accurate quote. There are lots of tips to help cut down on the cost of car insurance:

  • Drive safely
  • Save up to 15% with multi-vehicle discounts.
  • Drop collision coverage on older vehicles
  • Save an additional 10% with the same company as homeowners policy
  • Raise the deductible to lower your premium