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Get the Cheapest Car Insurance for New Drivers.

Auto insurance companies are always reluctant to give insurance to new drivers. This is because insurance companies see new drivers as people who are prone to making too many claims…

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Cheap Car Insurance for New Drivers: What You Should Know

Many new drivers on the road today have one thing in common: the expensive amount they have paid for auto insurance policy. Auto insurance companies consider new drivers as high…

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Getting a Cheap Car Insurance for New Drivers

Have you ever attempted car insurance for new driver? If you’ve ever done this, you would understand that getting car insurance for drivers below the age of 25 is a…

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Obtain the Cheapest Car Insurance for New Drivers

It is common knowledge that the most costly time you can obtain car insurance is during your first time of driving. New drivers lack experience and it has been statistically…

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Safe cars help new driver premiums

New drivers are subject to higher per average premiums across all demographics, their inexperience is something insurers want to cover themselves against. So, you have passed your test and are…

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Getting Car Insurance As a New Driver

Personal car insurance for a new driver can be split into two different types, coverage for under 25s and coverage for over 25s. If you are after more affordable premiums…

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Consider a Safe Car As a New Driver

There are plenty of obstacles for new drivers, not least having to pass your test to become a legal road user. On the journey to becoming a driver in Canada…

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