Cheap Car Insurance for New Drivers: What You Should Know

Published: March 12, 2018

Updated: May 15, 2018



Many new drivers on the road today have one thing in common: the expensive amount they have paid for auto insurance policy. Auto insurance companies consider new drivers as high risk and so they are often charged very high premiums. This can be frustrating for a teenager who wants to get the experience needed to show that they are low risk. Although it can take some patience and some research, there are ways to obtain cheap car insurance for new drivers.

A lot of new drivers learnt how to drive either from a relative or a friend. Although many people who have driver’s license can teach inexperienced drivers how to drive, this is really not enough. When you are a new driver, a driver’s training course is very important as it helps you to understand clearly what you are doing while driving. Car insurance premiums can also be lowered by a certified driver’s training course. Any individual who is concerned about the cost of any of these programs only need to request for car insurance quote for new drivers without the necessary training. This quote will of course be much higher than a quote for a person who has been trained.

A new driver requires hands-on experience to move from the high risk category to a category for low risk drivers. For this reason, they should drive an older car that cost less to insure before driving a new model of car. Many old vehicles can be driven without comprehensive or collision coverage because they are less expensive to replace. A new driver may not fancy the idea of driving a car that is almost as old as they are; however, it makes economic sense to do so. As soon as they have proven themselves as trustworthy by not getting speeding tickets and not having accidents, their insurance premium will begin to reduce.

If you are seeking for auto insurance, there are lots of factors to consider before applying for one. Individuals who are new drivers will be compelled to pay a higher amount for their car insurance. The reason for this as stated earlier is that they do not have any driving experience and therefore are considered to be high risk. Obtaining cheap car insurance for new drivers is not impossible if you are willing to shop for it.

Driving a safe car is one of the best ways to reduce your auto insurance premiums. Look for the cars which the different insurance firms consider as being safe. When you drive any of these cars which insurance companies consider as safe, it will guarantee that you get the best rate for the car you drive. You may need to compromise a bit on style and class to be able to save money on your insurance premium.

Enrolling in a driving school is another great way to save money on insurance. Many people do not know that they can save up to 15% on insurance if they attend a driving school. Ensure you go to a certified driving school so that you will qualify for the discount.