Get the Cheapest Car Insurance for New Drivers.

Published: April 27, 2018

Updated: May 15, 2018



Auto insurance companies are always reluctant to give insurance to new drivers. This is because insurance companies see new drivers as people who are prone to making too many claims too frequently. New drivers are considered to be inexperienced and as such have a higher tendency to get involved in an accident.

In many cases, the new drivers are young people within the ages of 16 and 20 who are still in high school. If you fall into the category of these drivers, you can still get the cheapest auto insurance for new drivers in an easy way.

There is a great possibility that your insurance premium will be cheaper if your record indicate that you have been driving on another person”s insurance. This is possible as you can drive a vehicle as a “named driver”, and in most cases this is on a parent”s policy. This can be viewed by an insurance company as an added advantage as it gives an assurance of some driving experience. This can prompt a reduction in the insurance premium.

Another possible way to get cheap offer is to enroll in some driver training. You can register in a recognized school that is competent and close to you. Sponsorship is sometimes offered by some local authorities. As soon as you go through the learning process and pass the training and exams, based on your grades you will become eligible for cheaper auto insurance. Most insurers in Ontario will provide new drivers with a “three-star” rating even if they are newly licensed, when they have completed approved driver training courses.

New drivers can also get cheap insurance by virtue of the type of car that they drive. Many auto insurance companies are reluctant in offering their policy to young and new drivers who own expensive cars. This is because the price of the car is high and the insurer may incur losses when the client makes a valid claim. Therefore it is advisable that as a new driver, you need to consider searching for a car that is less expensive and less prone to accidents.

As a new driver, do not just visit any insurance and make a request for insurance coverage. Take some time to first of all visit different companies to evaluate their quotes. Some insurance firms offer low premium to new drivers which is a good deal for you. Various insurance firms offer different rates; thus by making comparison, you will be able to ascertain which company offers an affordable policy.

There is no need buying insurance from an insurer that offers high premium when you can get a cheap insurance premium for the same policy from another insurance company. This is why you need to do a thorough research to find the cheapest auto insurance for new and young drivers. The effort and time you invest in comparing quotes can save you hundreds of dollars, or even thousands in insurance premiums.

Driving a safe car is one of the best ways to reduce your auto insurance premium. Find out the cars which are classified by insurance companies to be safe. You will get the best rate when you drive a car that is considered to be safe by insurance firms. You may need to sacrifice a little on style and aesthetics in order to save some money on insurance premium.