Cheap Car Insurance for Students – How to Keep the Rates Down

Published: January 18, 2018

Updated: May 15, 2018



Even though they are expensive, we love them – this is a fact that does not change even when they get older. Once they become teens, their expenses increase. Their taste for clothing becomes more expensive. They need money for football camps, proms, band instruments and cheerleading uniforms.

For many teenagers, going to college is their first time of living away from the guidance of parents. Students are famous for attracting more expensive auto insurance rates than older drivers. This is usually because car insurance companies consider students to have less experience in driving and have higher insurance risk. Since age is not in their favor, students must be careful to ensure that other factors considered by car insurance companies will be in their favor.

In spite of the rising costs of training students, there is a way of getting cheap car insurance for students – in fact it may be the most important way to affordable insurance for students. Buy your child a safe, practical and affordable car. Right from childhood, students dream about the day they will be old enough to drive and many students get their first car when that day comes. If it is an expensive and flashy car, the auto insurance firm will see it as likely to be robbed or stolen, and expensive to repair if it gets damaged and likely to fail in protecting the driver against accidents. On the other hand, if the vehicle has a modest price, appearance and is well equipped with safety features, the insurance company will most likely offer a cheap insurance quote for the student.

When a student gets a practical and affordable car, it will help him or her to not only get cheap car insurance but will also guarantee safety which makes purchasing such kind of car the most important means of getting cheap insurance for students.

Student drivers are notorious for attracting higher insurance rates than older drivers. The main reason for this is that car insurance firms see student drivers as high risk. Student drivers do not have the experience that older drivers have and they are easily distracted by friends, other drivers and the joy of being out on their own and out on the road.

Here are a few tips to find and keep cheap auto insurance for students.

  • Student drivers should ensure that they take a driver education course. Most province require students to take a driver education course, and many colleges offer driver education courses as part of their curriculum for students old enough to commence the process to get their drivers license. Many insurance companies offer cheaper premiums to students who have sat for and successful passed a driver education course.
  • Students are encouraged to perform well in all classes. By having good grades in all classes, including the driver education course and even performing exceptionally well, student drivers may be rewarded with discounts on their car insurance rates by some car insurance companies.

Parents can keep their teens who are student drivers on their car insurance policy. Having your teen driver on your car insurance policy is cheaper than paying premium for an entirely separate auto insurance policy. If your teen has his own car, you can easily get a discount by adding the vehicle to your current car insurance cover.