The Cheaper Option for Teenage Car Insurance

Published: March 6, 2018

Updated: May 15, 2018



For many teenagers, obtaining a drivers license can be exciting and can sometimes be frightening as it calls for an entirely new responsibility. What first comes to the mind of a teenager is freedom instead of responsibility. Parents on the other hand may consider the acquisition of drivers’ license as fewer errands on their part as their teen can now drive. All of these thoughts seem so pleasing and carefree. But when the thought of car insurance comes to mind, the new license no longer seem attractive anymore.

Undeniably, auto insurance for teens can be really expensive. The reason is because the mere mention of the word “teenager” can be synonymous with the term “high risk”. New drivers and teenagers lack experience when it comes to driving.

There are ways through which you can get cheaper premiums for your teenager. What is required is that you measure up to their requirements. A fairly clean driving record is one of their requirements. As a parent, ensure that you are very willing to make sure your teenager maintain a very clean record.

The insurance firm will most likely reduce the premium if your teen has a clean, if not spotless record as he or she will be considered as less risky than their teenage counterparts. A clean record is one without acquisition of speeding tickets, any traffic violations, and involvement in auto crash. Achieving a spotless record might be difficult to achieve, however, keeping the record as clean as possible will be beneficial to your pocket and your teen’s life.

If for a reasonable period of time your teen maintains a clean driving record, you need to consider obtaining a higher deductible. Such deductibles will decide the cost of the premium you will pay. A deductible is an amount of money which you are liable to pay before an insurance firm can give you compensation for your claim. Your premium will be lower if your deductibles are higher. This can save you a lot of money if your teen drives carefully.

You can also get cheaper auto insurance for your teen by purchasing older cars instead of newer cars. Avoid coupes, huge cars, and sport cars because if you can afford such expensive cars, you will be charged more by the insurance company. Buy an older car model for your teenager; it should be sufficient so long as it is safe and it has the basic safety features that help for comfortable driving. Definitely, your teen does not need any huge exhaust pipes or nitrous oxide to get to school.

Consider adding extra safety devices to your car if they are not installed already – this will further reduce your cost. Your cost will further reduce if you have air bags, anti-lock braking systems, anti-theft systems, safety car locks, and other safety features. These devices are not very expensive to install and they can help reduce your car insurance cost to a large extent. This means that you pay less for insurance when you increase your safety.