Be Proactive About Your Car Insurance Renewal

Published: March 7, 2018

Updated: September 20, 2018



Alarming statistics has been put out by a number of reputable sources which reveal the number of drivers who do not check whether their auto renewal quote is the best they can get. It has also ben reported that one in every four motorists are not concerned about comparing their renewal quote with the rest of the market and ignore the opportunity to see if they can get cheaper insurance somewhere else.

No one will tell you that searching for auto insurance is a pleasurable experience. If you do not do it the right way, it may involve a lot of form filling online and phone calls that could take hours. However, with the increase in popularity of comparison sites, it seems more surprising that some people do not make out time to search for cheaper auto insurance every year.

Many who just received their insurance renewal letters have this common complain that their renewal quote is higher than they paid for in the previous year. This goes to show that your insurance company depends on a level of laziness on your part to make some extra cash.

It is much easier these days to find the best policy for you. There are lots of comparison websites on the internet that makes the phone calls and form filling much easier for you. You can browse through any of these websites in a few minutes before getting the cheapest quotes.

Always compare the same policies against each other to reach a good decision and confirm your details with your insurance company before buying. Read through the small print of your policy as soon as it is offered to you to ensure that there are no hidden charges there.

The time to renew your auto insurance is the best time to re-examine whether or not you wish to continue with your present auto insurance firm or you want to transfer to another one. Find out if your auto insurance company made good on their promise to you when you first subscribed to their service. If half way into your contract with them you had a feeling of leaving them but could not, do not pay for their service for another year. Surely, this will mean going through the onerous task of finding another good insurance again but this will at least help you find an insurer that will give you more value for your money.

Be proactive in assessing if you want to continue using the same car insurance company or not. Many companies do actually benefit and rely on this complacent behavior of their clients. They know that due to the challenges of life, many people will rather renew their auto insurance than go through the difficult process of searching, filling forms and waiting for an insurance firm to call them.

Some other insurers will offer you a very good and cheap deal at first but will change your rates to their own benefits when it is time to renew. Since you are complacent about transferring to another insurance company, you will have no other choice than to pay for it.