Cheapest Cars to Insure

Published: February 13, 2018

Updated: May 15, 2018



What insurance rate you are expected to pay is influenced by the type of car you drive. Many factors determine your rates when seeking to insure an automobile and sometimes initial cost and size will not be a deciding factor. Factors such as popularity, vehicle’s age, probability of being stolen, the state and zip code, the gender and age of the driver, and the credit score of the driver are also considered.

A major consideration is the coverage you choose to insure. Many provinces request a minimum liability amount depending on the comprehensive coverage, collision and age of the vehicle. For a fact, the comprehensive and collision accounts for half of the annual cost of the policy, therefore it is beneficial to wisely select your next car.

Most of the cheapest cars to insure are minivans and larger sedans. They recorded the lowest insurance losses for comprehensive and collision. For a middle aged man, the average car insurance rate on this list was below $1,000 per annum.

While searching for the cheapest cars to insure, bear in mind of the features which influences a vehicle’s insurance premium.

Type of vehicle

Age of driver

Value of vehicle

Sex of driver

History of driver

Obviously, some of the points mentioned above are beyond our control, however, when it comes to choosing our vehicles, we do have an option especially for those who are conscious about money.

Firstly, let us examine those vehicles that are not ideal. They include sports vehicles for the obvious reason that individuals who drive them are exposed to greater accident risks. The insurance firm will pass the risk onto the consumer by way of high premium. Some sports cars in fact cost almost three times more to insure than other kinds of vehicles.

Something you will notice is that a two-door car does not enjoy more demand than a four-door car of the same model and brand. The reason may be that some two-door cars may attract higher premiums.

So, what sort of cars is more cost effective when it has to do with insurance firms and their risk formulas? The obvious answer would be those vehicles which are considered to have lower risk probability. This includes small and medium size vehicles, low engine power, or small family sedans.

Below is a list of vehicles that fall into this category.

Ford Fiesta

Ford Focus

Toyota Corolla

Peugeot 106

Fiat Punto

Renault Clio

VW Beetle

Vauxhall Corsa

VW Polo

As you may have observed, these models which are the cheapest cars to insure are ordinary cars that are perceived as been driven by people who do not exceed the limits of aggression or safety. The engine power of these vehicles are limited, most of which are 4-Cylinder engines.

Best of luck as your compare with many insurance companies, this should help you in getting a car that will save you some money.