Published: January 15, 2018

Updated: May 15, 2018



If you are considering the option of buying a brand new or fairly used car for your teenager whether they are 16 or 18 years old, there are a handful of cars that can attract cheaper insurance than others. Let’s find out the cheapest cars to insure for teenagers.

As a general rule, more expensive cars will cost more to insure and less expensive cars will get cheaper insurance premium. Nevertheless, there are usually exceptions to the rule. If a car is old and less expensive, it should cost less to insure it. Vehicles made within the country are cheaper to insure than those manufactured outside the country. Cars with 4 cylinder engine, 4-door cars and minivans cost less to insure.

Honda Civic is the most popular car among teenagers. It usually cost less to insure and it ranks high in the safety ratings. It is a good car because it is easy to drive and is also economical. However, the Ford Focus, the Saturn models and the Honda Civic are relatively light in weight and not safe from a standpoint of safety. Other popular vehicles include, Mazda3, Toyota Corolla, and Mitsubishi Lancer.

It is not recommended to buy cars for teens that are smaller than the aforementioned cars because they are not safe due to their small size. The bigger the car, the safer it will be. Health officers can easily tell from the severity of the injuries sustained by an accident victim if they were driving a small car or not. Small cars are also not good at handling rollovers.

Some other good choices of cars include Nissan Maxima, Ford Taurus, Toyota Camry and Honda Accord. They are safer cars due to their relatively bigger size. Their running costs are economical and have good or cheap insurance rates depending on the insurance firm.

Small SUV’s are not suitable for teens because of the high possibility of a rollover. They have a higher center of gravity. Teenagers are not experienced drivers and are likely to overreact in the face of an emergency.

For partial vehicles that are cheaper to insure, the following with make and model will be suitable. Bear in mind the previously mentioned safety tips and try to buy a new or fairly used vehicle for your teenager that will be safe. Some many not still be manufactured but there may be used vehicles of that make and model around.

Toyota Corolla, Mazda3, Honda Civic, Chrysler PT Cruiser 4-door wagon, Mitsubishi Lancer, GMC Safari SLE AWD 3-door minivan, Saturn ION 1 4-door sedan, Dodge Caravan SE 4-door minivan, Jeep Liberty Sport 4WD 4-door SUV, Pontiac Sunfire 2-door coupe, Saturn L300 1 4-door sedan, Saab 38600 Linear 3t 4-door Sportwagon, Volvo S40 4-door sedan, Buick Century Special Edition 4-door sedan.

Bear in mind when you read through this partial list of vehicles, that SUV’s and minivans have lower insurance premiums; and that local rates, quotes and discounts may vary depending on where you reside. Ensure you get quotes from different insurers before reaching a final decision.