How to Buy Classic Car Insurance

Published: March 3, 2018

Updated: May 15, 2018



If you are lucky to own a classic car, then you need to make sure you do not run out of luck; this is because you do not want to realize in the heat of the moment that you do not have sufficient insurance coverage. Call your insurance company and ask to give you the best policy that will give full protection to your classic car.

The essence of insurance is to benefit from its purpose when the need arise – in the event of an emergency. Classic car insurance is quite different from conventional car insurance.

When you purchase a classic car insurance cover, you are basically buying protection from those times when disaster will strike all of a sudden, an act of vandalism or theft or collision take place. Just as there are airbags to protect us when a crash happens, we also have classic car insurance to protect us when we get involved in an auto crash.

The amount of time you spend in selecting the right classic car insurance policy will be well worth the peace of mind and value that insurance coverage delivers to owners of classic vehicles.

Classic car insurance is not the same as other types of insurance you buy for coverage of your daily transportation. Classic car insurance is designed specially for classic cars alone. Although ordinary insurance provides some protection regardless of what type of car you drive, it can leave you disappointed what a loss happens that is not properly covered for by the terms of the insurance policy.

For instance, you may own a Cadillac Sedan DeVille your grandparents purchased brand new for $8,000 back in the 60s. Now, dealers are offering you 3 times more than that price, and you saw another car that sells at an auto show for $30,000. If you do not have classic car insurance and the vehicle is total, you may be lucky to get $8,000. When depreciation in insurance is put into consideration, the insurance statistician may say it is worth about half that less or much and you may end up getting 2 – 3,000$ in exchange for your precious car.

Requirements for a classic car insurance:

  • Minimum of 10 years driving experience
  • A decent driving record
  • Secure and out of the weather garage
  • No driver with poor driving record or teen drivers on the policy
  • Proof that you have another vehicle for daily transport
  • Classic car insurance is sometimes limited by the age of your car; and if your vehicle is too young, it may not qualify for a policy.
  • Fewer mileages: Probably you do not want to drive your classic car all the time, and your insurer does not want you to either. The limits on mileage have recently increased, so if you can make do with 270 miles in a month, you will probably be okay.