Knowing Those Who Qualify For High Risk Car Insurance

Published: March 2, 2018

Updated: May 15, 2018



Nowadays, insurance is really important to us than in time past. The reason is that it helps us greatly in settling the charges for damages incurred during an accident. Apart from this, it has been declared by the government that car insurance is a must for every individual. For this reason, there are lots of insurance companies in the market today who now offer affordable car insurance.

There are some individuals however, who are expected to purchase high risk auto insurance. This kind of car insurance unfortunately is more expensive than the other conventional car insurance policies. The reason why this is so, is that the drivers who are under this coverage have a greater probability of being involved in a car crash. Such drivers are referred to as high risk drivers.

How is a person tagged by an insurance company? There are lots of factors considered before a person is labeled as a high risk driver. A person is considered a high risk driver if they have a record of DUI. The reason is that there is a greater possibility that you will have an accident due to likely grogginess or hallucinations arising from substances like drugs and alcohol.

If you are classified as high risk, it is only for the mean time. You will get a normal rating if you follow the laid down program.

The definition of a high risk driver according to insurance companies is:

  • Someone who within the last 5 years has caused more than one accident.
  • Someone who within the last 3 years has got more than one speeding ticket.
  • Anyone with a DUI in the last 5 years.
  • Any driver who is below the age of 25 are high risk especially males. Good grades will help overcome this if you are a student. An individual with low credit score is border line.

An individual who is considered by an insurance company as high risk will be liable to pay more for insurance; however, there are steps that can be taken to reduce the cost.

A rehab home is not just a good idea but also compulsory in many places for individuals who have DUI. Visit a driving school and complete the program; it will take points off your drivers’ license and reduce the cost of your auto insurance.

Getting involved in many accidents in the past will also make you a high risk driver. Even when the accident was not caused by you, there will still be an impression that you are not a careful driver and can still have more accidents in the future.

Regardless of their age, individuals who are driving for the first time as seen as high risk drivers. This is due to the impression that they are not used to driving yet and could be involved in a crash while trying to learn the ropes.

There are also other factors to determine the risk level of drivers. Example include individuals with bad credit records and people who drive within the city center.