Guide Category: Student Car Insurance

Get the Cheapest Car Insurance for New Drivers.

Getting cheap auto insurance for college and high school students can be a herculean task for parents. Student car insurance can be expensive, especially for male students below the age…

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Five Vital Things to Know About Student Car Insurance

Whether this may be fair or not, this fact is that insurance companies charge higher premium for car insurance. However, there are steps you can take to help reduce your…

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Tips to Help You Get the Right Student Car Insurance Plan

You are probably in college and you just bought a car so you need car insurance to qualify you to drive on the road. How do you determine a policy…

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How to Obtain College Student Car Insurance

A car is to a college student what a treasure is to a pirate. Having a car while in college is a luxury not common to many students. Many students…

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Understanding student car insurance

For many teenagers heading off to college is the first moment of independence in their lives, and it is often the first time they are able to do things like…

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