Five Vital Things to Know About Student Car Insurance

Published: March 13, 2018

Updated: May 15, 2018



Whether this may be fair or not, this fact is that insurance companies charge higher premium for car insurance. However, there are steps you can take to help reduce your student driver insurance premium. These include:

Be a Good Driver:

As a student continues to behave as a responsible driver and drive without getting tickets, over time the insurance company will see that they are serious about driving responsibly. If a student has been driving for some time, contact the auto insurance company and inquire if they now qualify for a discount for good driving.

Also ask about enrolling for defensive driving or good driver classes for extra discounts. This will help in reducing the cost of insurance and teach the student some extra ways to drive safely behind the wheel.

Be a Good Student:

One of the vital steps a student driver can take to reduce their auto insurance cost is to maintain a good grade in school. This is not only important for the future of the student, it can help in saving money when buying auto insurance policy for students.

Ask if you can use your parent’s insurance:

Parents sometimes consider adding their student drivers to their existing policy. Although, this will initially increase the cost of insurance premium for the parent, overall, it will save money for the student. Usually, families will have different types of insurance coverage with one insurance company. Money will certainly be saved by becoming a part of an existing policy.

Do not buy a new car:

Buying a new or fairly used car can be tempting for a student driver. This however can greatly increase the cost of vehicle insurance. The age and type of a car directly impacts the cost of insurance premium. The cost of your insurance will drastically decline when you buy an older or used vehicle. A student driver may not require certain kinds of insurance such as collision – that depends on the total value of the vehicle.

Inquire about low mileage and car pooling discounts:

Many insurance firms offer discounts for persons who do not drive great distances and who car pool with others. This is suitable for students who often drive less than 20 miles from their school or home. This is an awesome way to save funds on student car insurance.

These are some of the many various ways a student can save on their auto insurance. The overall cost of insurance will reduce over time as the student ages. However, if these 5 suggestions are strictly adhered to, it can save so much money.

Car insurance for students can be really expensive. It is comforting to know that there are a few various ways by which a student can save money on their total auto insurance cost.