Get the Cheapest Car Insurance for New Drivers.

Published: April 28, 2018

Updated: May 15, 2018



Getting cheap auto insurance for college and high school students can be a herculean task for parents. Student car insurance can be expensive, especially for male students below the age of 25.

Not many insurance companies will offer lower premium to students who fall under the age of 25. If you do your research very well it is still possible for you to save some money on insurance for your young one.

Although shopping on the internet can be helpful, you can take some other important steps before asking insurers for a quote for your student driver.

Your child may not need a car:

If your child lives on campus and everything he needs is available there, there is no need for your child to own a car while in school and he or she will do just fine. It will save you lots of money on insurance, car maintenance, gas etc.

If your child is without a car while in university, be sure inform your insurer and ask them if they offer a “student away at school discount”. The insurance rate will be significantly lower, and your student will be able to drive a vehicle when they are home for the holidays, and start to begin an insurance profile for themselves.

Buy cars which attract lower rates:

Insurance companies hire statisticians also known as actuaries to work for them. They get data from auto crashes that have occurred around the locality where you reside. They study the data to ascertain the risk level for people of certain ages and other demographics. They also know the type of cars that have a higher probability of causing accidents. On average, young drivers are more prone to accidents than older and more experienced drivers.

If a young student driver drives a sporty car, the rates for that car will be prohibitive. The reason being that according to statistics, such a car gets involved in more accidents than a 4-door sedan. Conversely, a larger sedan could attract higher rates as they are popular for use in street racing.

The best way to decide what car to buy for your student driver is to inquire online with, their helpful brokers will be able to point you in the right direction.

Buy an older model of car

A good way to save cost on insurance coverage is to buy an older car for your university or high school student.

Find an old model car in good shape which you can pay in cash for and you will save a lot of money by qualifying for liability coverage only. If you already own an older car you can give to your student driver, this could also be a good idea. Older cars are cheaper to insure and in many cases you only need to have liability insurance and you will meet the provincial requirement for insurance.

Your insurance company may not cover the repairs if the car gets damaged in a crash, but in the long term it will be cheaper for you to pay for the repairs or replace the car than it would be to pay the expensive cost of a full coverage for a new car.

If your student driver is the cause of the crash, the insurance firm will cover the expenses of the other person”s personal injury and vehicle damage.