How to Obtain College Student Car Insurance

Published: January 31, 2018

Updated: May 15, 2018



A car is to a college student what a treasure is to a pirate. Having a car while in college is a luxury not common to many students.

Many students walk to class or ride their bikes; however, if you are one of those who need to drive to campus and take long journeys on weekends, you need to prepare for the responsibility of owning a car. This means that you will need to have a student car insurance cover.

Apart from books and tuition, car insurance for students is one of the major expenses a student will have to pay for while in college. But if you are meticulous about your choice of student car insurance, you will be able to include the payments in your student budget and still try to save some money in your savings account.

Getting cheap car insurance for students can be challenging because younger drivers usually have to make higher premium payments. This has nothing to do with you as an individual; young drivers have a higher tendency to make more insurance claims than their older counterparts. Hence, insurance firms will charge more so that they can make more profit.

Some other factors can influence how much a student will pay for student car insurance, this include:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location of vehicle
  • Driving record
  • Distance driven daily
  • Damage history of vehicle

These factors cannot be avoided when applying for student car insurance; however, there are ways through which you can reduce your premium payments. The right steps need to be taken by you to choose your student insurance.

Helpful tips for choosing a student car insurance

There are steps to take to reduce your student car insurance payments. If you are looking for an insurance company that will offer auto insurance particularly for students, sorry to say that not all of them do. If you cannot obtain student car insurance, use the following tips to obtain cheaper car insurance for you.

Shop for alternatives:

Get as much information as you can from a minimum of 4 different insurance firms. Compare their quotes to know who will give you the best for your money.

Maintain good grades:

Many insurance companies grant discounts to students who maintain an average of B grade or higher. Ensure that you provide proof of your grades when applying for your car insurance.

Apply for all Discounts:

Even if you obtain a student discount, make sure you apply for all discounts offered by the insurance company. Many insurance companies will give you a very good deal if you buy multiple insurance plans at once such as renter’s and car insurance, and they may also offer a family discount if you subscribe to the same insurance as your family members.

Buy the right car:

You need to get the right car before you obtain student car insurance. Car insurance is usually based on the safety probability of that car. Smaller cars and high speed sports cars have a higher risk of damage. They have a greater likelihood of being stolen, hence; you should buy a more realistic car with good reliability and gas mileage instead of a car that cost more than your entire student budget.