Tips to Help You Get the Right Student Car Insurance Plan

Published: February 16, 2018

Updated: May 15, 2018



You are probably in college and you just bought a car so you need car insurance to qualify you to drive on the road. How do you determine a policy that will suit you and your vehicle? Of course you need a cheap insurance policy, a policy that will offer enough coverage.

You need to have knowledge of what you are entitled to as a student. You will find out as you continue to read this article. Car insurance for students is basically the same as any other car insurance except that students qualify for some discounts which are not available to other people.

What to do first?

Shop around to gather as much information as possible from at least 3 insurance firms, compare their policies and see which insurer will give a better premium for the size of your budget.

Understand the basics of a student car insurance plan

A car insurance plan should contain the following:

  • Personal injury protection
  • Collision, comprehensive
  • Bodily injury
  • Uninsured motorist
  • Personal property liability etc.

What determines the premium you pay on insurance policy?

The price on a policy is determined by gender, age, location of the vehicle, daily mileage, vehicle accident history and driving record. These factors cannot be ignored but there are ways to reduce your premium when you select the correct insurance plan for you.

Can the premium be influenced by your grades?

In some way they do; many insurers provide some discounts to students who maintain a B average or higher. Provide proof of your grades when you put in application for your car insurance.

Purchase your car insurance from the same insurance company as the members of your family.

Ensure you apply for all the available discounts offered by the company even if you have gotten a student discount. You may receive a family discount if you buy your insurance from the same insurer as your family.

How to determine if you qualify for a cheaper insurance?

Insurance protection for cars is based on the safety probability of that car. So you better have a rethink if you want to buy a high-speed sports car and at the same time you want a smaller premium. Also look at the possibility of installing a burglar alarm that will significantly reduce your premium.

Do you drive safely?

Do not drink and drive if you want to reduce your insurance premium. This may sound like a warning from the police but this is actually the most import step in reducing your car insurance. The fewer car accidents and driving violations you have, the more money you will save on premiums. Maintain speed limits and always park your car in a safe area.

A vehicle to a college student is what a baby is to his mother. Driving a car while in college is a luxury which most students cannot afford. College should be both safe and fun. Take good care of yourself and your car. Buy an insurance policy to help you feel safer.