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There is nowhere quite like home! Its where you feel most comfortable, where all your memories are. Help to ensure those memories are always good by getting an amazing home insurance policy with We bring Canadians the most affordable and best home insurance coverage from leading carriers across the country.

Customers can compare between a selection of home insurance quotes in the time it takes to boil a kettle!








Why is home insurance important?

One of the most interesting things about home insurance is that some customers still don’t think they need it, even though your house is probably the most valuable thing you own. Taking out a homeowners policy means you are protecting the one possession that makes up the bulk of your net worth. A good policy can cover the property, its contents, and other assets from liability claims, fire, natural events, theft, and more.

Unfortunately, unpredictable things happen and your home could end up damaged. A solid home insurance policy means you do not have to worry about footing the bill. Also, in Canada, home insurance is often a requirement for taking out a mortgage. If you must have a policy, it is best to find the best coverage for you, at the most affordable price possible. That’s where Shop Insurance Canada can help.








Why compare house insurance quotes with Shop Insurance Canada?

By entering a few simple details into our quote engine, you can find the best rates for policies in your area. Use our fast and accurate tool to see the best house insurance quotes currently available. By comparing quotes, you could save hundreds of dollars on your house insurance coverage.


Simply put, if you do not compare quotes, you will end up paying more for your house insurance policy.With, find the cheapest prices from leading insurers.


Get an initial quote in under a minute! By entering a few details, you can get a quick comparison of affordable house insurance quotes in Canada. Even providing more details for a broader comparison takes less than 3 minutes.


At no point in the comparison process do we ask for money or financial details. The quote comparison is completely free, so really you have nothing to lose.


We are proud of how easy our quote engine is. It makes shopping for insurance about as fun as it is ever going to be. With welcoming drop down menus and easy to answer questions, our tool makes shopping for house insurance simple.


We work for you and have no biased affiliation. Our quotes are always completely fair and give you a view of prices from leading insurers in Canada.


Online security is in the spotlight and we take this subject very seriously. We only ask for details that are relevant to finding the best house insurance quotes for you. We never pass customer information on to third parties.








Is shopping for home insurance important?

Yes, is the simple answer. In today’s connected world, there is really no excuse for ignoring a comparison process. However, studies show that many Canadians still dismiss shopping for coverage and take the first quote they are offered. This is a mistake and these consumers end up paying hundreds of dollars more per year than they should.

Shopping for house insurance in Canada is the only way to ensure you find the very best policy, one that meets your specific requirements, and is available for the most affordable price possible. Protect your home, and do it with the cheapest coverage that suits your expectations.








The home insurance quote process

Shop Insurance Canada is here to do all the work so you don’t have to. Fill in our quote form with details about your property and location. Our tool will present you with a list of affordable home insurance quotes from the leading providers in the country.

Once you select a quote, an insurance broker will reach out via phone and confirm the rate and assist you in setting up the policy. We make shopping for home insurance quick and easy.








What are the types of home insurance in Canada?


Comprehensive Coverage – The most complete home insurance policy, this coverage protects a property and its contents through most scenarios, with a few exceptions:

  • Uninsurable Peril: Uninsurable risks that cannot be covered because they could have been prevented. For example, a house built on a known flood plain cannot be insured for flood protection.
  • Optional Risks: Some policy points are optional extras, such as protection against earthquakes.

Named Perils/Normal Coverage – Basic coverage is the most customizable as it allows the customer to name which articles are protected by the policy. Only contents and items named in the policy will be covered in the event of damage. Customers must think carefully about which perils they name on the policy.


Broad Coverage – A middle ground between named perils and comprehensive coverage. This policy affords some comprehensive benefits, such as protection on the property as a whole. However, it has basic coverage elements for property contents.

It is worth noting that some home contents are exempt from a standard home insurance policy, even if it is comprehensive. For example, fine art, jewellery, and other expensive articles will not be covered. These items should have separate and specific policies.








Actual cash value or replacement cost plan?

While both options are available, when taking out house insurance, a replacement cost plan is advised. This policy point covers the replacement of any item damaged and named on the coverage. For example, if a sofa is damaged and needs to be replaced, the insurance company will replace it with one of similar value and quality.

Actual Cash Value (ACV) is riskier. With this coverage, the insurer will instead cover what the value of the damaged item is. If the sofa is five years old, it is unlikely to be worth much and certainly not as much as it was when new.








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