Honda vehicles could be carrying airbag malfunction

Published: November 28, 2017

Updated: July 24, 2018

Author: Luke Jones



One Honda car model continues to have problems with an airbag malfunction, according to the results of an investigation.

The situation stems from an August 2015 incident where Joanne Yuke was driving a 2006 Honda Odyssey EX during the Thanksgiving Day holiday. The side airbags on the vehicle deployed without a collision taking place and the vehicles was moving under the speed limit.

Speaking to CBC, Yuke’s husband Rick said there was a loud bang and “They just went off. It scared the heck out of me.”

“We sat there for some time just kind of taking into account what had happened. Rick was sitting in the passenger seat — his shoulder was very sore, my head was sore, my ear was ringing terrible,” Joanne added.

Honda said it would offer the couple a “goodwill gesture” and replace the airbags, which was accepted. However, the vehicle had another random airbag deployment in October of this year. This time, Rick’s sister was mildly injured with a large bruise.

This time, Honda decided not to help the family, blaming driver error or modifications made to the vehicle outside its control. The Japanese company also suggested the deployment may have been cased by the gravel road being travelled on at the time.

The Yuke’s refuted these potential causes, especially about modifications. This was seemingly corroborated by CBC. The outlet reaches out to auto experts who said the minor vehicle modifications would not make the airbags deploy.

In a bid to close the issue, the family decided to negotiate with Honda Canada for a new can, paying a few thousand dollars more as a part exchange. The company did not agree to the proposal.

“We need a vehicle that can hold our family, keep them safe, I would never ever have our family be in that vehicle again. Never,” Joanne said.

CBC found that Honda has previously issued a recall for the Odyssey, but the Yuke’s particular vehicle was not among those recalled. Transport Canada weighed in and said it has received complaints about the 2005-2008 model.

The family was unable to make an insurance claim because Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) said no collision had taken place.

Honda Canada is sticking to its guns, saying “the side curtain airbag system deployed as designed.”