How insurers can keep customers in the loop during natural disasters

Published: July 15, 2019

Updated: August 1, 2019

Author: Luke Jones



Insurance companies and brokers are often being told that creating a good customer experience is vital in the modern age of digitization. This is as true when covering natural disasters as it is for car insurance.

Customers are coming into contact with insurers more often as climate change has increased the frequency and severity of natural events such as floods and wildfires. One customer service expert has told insurance companies to tweak their customer service experience to expediate the claims process.

According to Andi Dominguez, an insurance expert for customer service company Quadient, insurance company’s have a strong consumer relationship when covering natural disasters.

“This means laying firm foundations for how they will support policyholders before, during, and after natural disasters,” said Dominguez.

Technology can be the customer/insurer link, Dominguez points out. For example, SMS messages can be sent to customers from insurance companies about incoming natural events. These messages can focus how to prepare and how to manage their way through the risk.

Elsewhere, Dominguez advises insurance companies to ensure their websites have clear visibility of FAQs and leverage social media to keep customers up to date.

“Using predictive data and proactively communicating with customers through the process of claiming for damages from a natural disaster will enable insurers to build a reputation, keeping hold of existing customers, and building trust with new ones,” said Dominguez.