IBAC launches D/X for open sources faster data movement for brokers

Published: August 7, 2018



The Insurance Broker Association of Canada (IBAC) is seeking to expedite its plans for swifter data exchange. Brokers is seeking assistance on developing new working groups to help brokers save time from typing information into two computer systems.

IBAC says it wants working groups to be up and running by the fall as it takes its Data Exchange (D/X) program to the next level. Speaking as the launch of D/X last week, Michael Loeters, co-chair of the IBAC’s technology committee highlighted confidence in the system and its impending availability, telling attendees “you are going to hear from us.”

The launch was made at the Toronto Insurance Council (TIC). Loeters said IBAC will be seeking insurance companies and brokers to participate in working groups. Interested parties can contact Loeters or IBAC technology chief Kim Opheim.

D/X is a platform that will reduce the time needed to develop application programming interfaces and online services for data exchange. Brokers will be able to create software efficiently for moving data within a system.

IBAC calls D/X a repository that is aiming to be an open source platform. The association wants companies to be able to pool resources and share ideas. So, a data service built by one company would be useable by others through the D/X “reusable data services library”.