IBAO to integrate Intact Client Centre with broker systems

Published: June 20, 2017

Updated: July 24, 2018

Author: Luke Jones



The Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAO) and Intact Insurance Company have announced a new collaboration that will see brokers use a new Intact online service within their existing system. The partnership has formed a working group to explore ways for Intact’s Client Centre to be adopted by brokers in Ontario.

Along with Intact Insurance, IBAO’s Technology Committee will seek ways to integrate the service into up and running broker management systems. The working group will also “consider scenarios based on future digital developments,” the association reported in a press release. “IBAO is fully committed to working with its broker network and industry partners to find solutions that deliver information more efficiently to customers in the way they want to receive it.”

In the joint release, Intact confirmed its Client Centre solution will “soon launch”. The system is an online service that gives brokers and customers access to policy documents, billing information, and claims status updates in real time. It online nature means it is available 24/7 and provides users with a secure environment.

IBAO says integrating the Client Centre will give brokers a paperless solution for quickly accessing insurance information.

“This collaborative initiative with Intact demonstrates how we can all Come Together in the marketplace to further consumer interests as well as benefit the broker network,” said IBAO president Traci Boland, making mention of the association’s theme for 2017. “We are very pleased to be working with Intact at this pivotal point in time in our industry.”

Debbie Coull-Cicchini, senior vice president of Intact Insurance’s Ontario division, said in the release that “Client Centre can be accessed directly from a brokerage website via a connection provided by Intact so that brokers remain the central point of contact for their customers. We strive to make things easier for brokers and their customers; this working group will explore additional ways to support the broker network in its efforts to increase service options and elevate customer service levels within our industry.”

“The IBAO and Intact commit to ensuring that our joint capabilities are fully leveraged to enhance the broker/consumer value proposition,” Boland added. “More details on how Intact’s initiative will support our members’ relationship with their customer base will follow once the working group is underway. There is still much to do to assist our members in responding to evolving market conditions and the IBAO’s Technology Committee is working on projects with several other industry stakeholders.”