IBC warns homeowners to be prepared for poor weather conditions

Published: June 14, 2016

Updated: July 24, 2018

Author: Luke Jones



While the summer months mean there will be no snow storms and freezing temperatures, the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) warns that severe weather is still an issue for properties. In a press release issued today, the IBC says that high temperatures can cause a higher risk of severe rainstorms, especially in the southern Ontario region.

The drier months have already ravaged the town of Fort McMurray in northern Alberta, spreading a massive wildfire last month and now torrential rain has flooded the area.

Tornados and high winds are also more common in the hotter months, say the IBC, and says homeowners who are prepared can increase the chance of avoiding weather related incidents. The Bureau has issued some tips to help homeowners prepare for the potential of severe conditions:

"Severe weather has become the new normal," said Kim Donaldson, Vice-President, Ontario, IBC. "Damaging storms accompanied by thunder, lightning and high winds, can strike at any time and leave trail of destruction. It is important for Ontarians to take steps now to ensure they have the proper insurance coverage before a disaster occurs."

Some of the preparedness tips offered by the IBC include keeping a home inventory, preparing for weather that is known to be common in your area, such as tornados, and maintaining an emergency preparedness kit. The IBC also says there is much more information available on its website and urges homeowners to have a 72-hour emergency plan for their families.

Hail, wind, snow or rain damage to a home is typically covered. This coverage usually includes:

  • Losses caused by flying debris or falling branches or trees
  • Losses to your home and contents from water or snow entering through sudden openings caused by wind or hail.
  • Wind, hail, ice or water damage to vehicles is typically covered if you purchased comprehensive or all perils auto insurance. This coverage is not mandatory, so check your policy.
  • Wind damage to mobile homes and/or trailers may be covered. As policy wordings vary, ask your insurance representative for more information.
  • In certain circumstances, homeowners who are unable to live in their homes because of insurable damage may be entitled to living expenses.

SOURCE: http://www.newswire.ca/news-releases/ibc-helps-ontarians-prepare-for-the-risk-of-severe-weather-582670621.html