ICBC warns B.C. drivers to stay safe this Christmas

Published: December 21, 2017

Updated: July 24, 2018

Author: Luke Jones



With Christmas Day and News Years Day falling on Monday’s, Canadians are being treated to two consecutive long weekends. Indeed, the Christmas weekend will run for four days, with Boxing Day coming next Tuesday. That’s a lot of festive cheer and plenty of time to let loose this Christmas. However, the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia is warning its customers to stay safe.

The monopoly public insurance provider of British Columbia says six people are injured every hour in collisions during the holiday period. The data provided by ICBC is only for Christmas, but it stands to reason there are similar numbers over New Years, when Canadians hit party mode.

“With many people travelling to spend the holidays with family and friends, drivers should be prepared for the varied winter road conditions they’ll encounter,” said Lindsay Matthews, ICBC’s director responsible for road safety. “We’re asking drivers to also consider their own behaviour on our busy roads by driving smart. If we want everyone to arrive safely – we need to start with our own driving.”

ICBC points out the Lower Mainland region of the province gets the most incidents each year, with 250 injuries over 780 crashes.




Lower Mainland



Vancouver Island



Southern Interior



North Central



The Insurance company has issued advisories to drivers in B.C. recommending they have the correct tires installed. Christmas and New Year coincides with the time of year where winter kicks into a high gear, roads become icy or snowed under, and weather because extreme. Installing winter tires can help protect drivers during the cold season, provided they obey road rules.

“You’re five times more likely to crash if you’re using your handheld phone. To combat this, make important calls and look up trip routes before you get in your car and then place your phone out of reach,” it added.