Injunction stops Uber operations in Calgary

Published: November 24, 2015

Updated: July 24, 2018

Author: Luke Jones



Alberta is continuing to take the fight to Uber and the Court of Queen’s Bench for the province this week imposed an injunction against drivers working for the UberX drive sharing service in the city of Calgary. However, the injunction is only temporary and it is unlikely to halt UberX operations in the city.

Indeed, Calgary is just the latest city in Canada, and indeed around the world, to post strong opposition, the question now is whether Albertan authorities can continue to resist the company or whether it will need to finally accept the drive sharing service that has been deemed an illegal quasi-taxi service. Certainly, in other area, Toronto most notably, early opposition to Uber has fallen to an inevitability that the service is here to stay and needs to be regulated.

Where Calgary’s position on that is remains unclear, but for the time being the province of Alberta and the city are pushing back against Uber. Justice G. H. Poelman placed an injunction that will run until Dec. 17th and in the interim period the City of Calgary is expected to pursue making the ban permanent, although it seems apparent that Uber will continue operations in the city regardless.

Calgary officials say that the UberX service is in violation of the Livery Transport Bylaw and is seeking the company to be banned from the city. It named 57 people as drivers known to work for Uber when seeking the temporary injunction that was imposed today.

“This is recognition that private for-hire vehicles operating under the Uber umbrella are breaching The City’s bylaw and they have been ordered to stop,” said Calgary based lawyer Colleen Sinclair. “This pulls a number of vehicles that are not appropriately insured, licensed or inspected off the road and prevents them from offering a potentially unsafe service.”

Uber has only actually been operating in Calgary since October 15th, and so far some 19 drivers have been charged for driving for UberX. The city has also been urging consumers to avoid UberX cars and drivers for the company to consider the auto insurance implications of driving for a company with personal coverage.