Insurance Bureau of Canada expands cargo theft program to western provinces

Published: December 9, 2015

Updated: July 24, 2018

Author: Luke Jones



A program for cargo theft reporting that has already been used in Eastern Canada is now making its way to the western provinces of the country, says the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC). Along with law enforcement and provincial trucking associations in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, the IBC says the program will begin in the New Year.

The program gives easy and quick access to cargo theft data provided by auto insurance providers and trucking companies, giving law enforcements agencies a database to work from. The IBC says the program that has been operating in Eastern Canada has been “highly successful”.

“This new cargo theft database allows for direct access and prompt response to requests for information pertaining to cargo theft from a variety of authoritative partners, particularly law enforcement agencies,” said Garry Robertson, IBC’s national director, auto theft and vehicle services, Investigative Services Division. “By adding a new element to an already successful program, we will see greater success and ability to recover stolen property faster.”

Expanding to the western provinces, the cargo theft reporting program comes with a national database that can be accessed by car insurance companies, trucking associations, and law enforcement agencies across the country. In the event of cargo theft, the agency or insurance provider can upload the details quickly via an online form provided by the IBC.

The Canadian Trucking Association says that cargo thefts costs Canadians more than $5 billion per year and has become a significant in major ports and transport centers. In the past many cargo thefts went unreported, but the new database gives an easy way for all parties to upload and chart data regarding cargo theft.

The IBC says the benefits of the database include the following, among others:

• Assists IBC strategic partners in identifying and recovering stolen cargo, tractors and trailer units in a timely and expeditious manner;

• Provides the IBC crime analysts the ability to identify trends, to prevent and detect cargo crime, and ultimately assist in the prosecution of those involved;

• Facilitates the extraction of information to assist with reporting and tracking the success of the program particularly with regard to tracking recoveries;

• Provides access to cargo theft information outside of regular business hours for authorized stakeholders; and

• Provides improved and flexible reporting capabilities.