Insurance fraud not limited to Ontario and auto

Published: March 27, 2018

Updated: July 24, 2018

Author: Luke Jones



Last week, it emerged Ontario body shops are regularly committing auto insurance fraud, continuing the problem with auto fraud in the province. However, an expert has warned insurance fraud is not exclusive to Ontario and is not limited to auto. Indeed, scams come in many forms across insurance and Canada.

Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) national director of investigative services Dan Service points out all types of insurance frauds hurt customers.

“It ends up in higher insurance premiums for everyone,” he told CBC News.

Aviva Canada disclosed the information about Ontario body shops. Service says companies must realize fraud is not unique to Ontario and it is not just auto insurers who should be concerned. To combat fraud, the IBC says insurance companies should spend their own money and use their own resources to investigate fraudulent activity.

However, at the moment insurance companies do not have the time or resources for such investigations.

“If they have to choose between looking at a claim that might be somewhat suspect and making sure that their customers are taken care of, they often will choose the second course of action,” Service said.

“The more that people are aware that this type of behaviour happens, the more attention they pay to the bills that are submitted on their behalf, the less opportunity there is for this type of fraud to be undertaken,” he said.