Insurance Telematics Canada 2016 announced

Published: January 12, 2016

Updated: July 24, 2018

Author: Luke Jones



The 2016 edition of Insurance Telematics Canada has been announced, with this year’s event being held on April 28 and April 29, 2016. The event is billed as the only conference in the country dedicated to the bridging of insurance and technology, a path the industry is increasingly taking.

This will be the third year in which Insurance Telematics Canada has been held and TU-Automotive released a statement saying what to expect from this year’s event. There will be over 30 speakers from the likes of WSIB, Marsh Canada, CAVCOE, IMS, Pinnacle, and the Office of the Privacy Commission, Indenseo, Towers Watson, and Frost & Sullivan, and on the agenda will be:

    FLEETS TO DRIVE OF ADOPTION OF UBI. Identify how commercial fleets can deliver a volume of users and increase the visibility of UBI and education to the public

    ENGAGING YOUR CUSTOMERS WITH UBI. Make UBI an assured service by providing gamification and value-added services (VAS) to create an engaging user experience for consumer

    WORKING HAND-IN-HAND WITH BROKERS. Explore the insurer – customer relationship in UBI, the broker’s evolving position in the value-chain and their journey to become ‘guardians of consumer data’

    MOBILITY MODELS & INSURANCE. Overcome regulatory and liability issues as well data ownership conundrums to create insurance products for a new era of flexible and on-demand mobility services

    MULTIPLE SOURCES – ONE GOAL. Analyze and compare data sets from multiple sources such as OBD2, smartphone and blackbox in order to consolidate them into one cost efficient data stream

Usage based insurance (UBI) will make a big impact on the event this year, fitting as it is the one auto insurance model that is likely to be adopted widely in the coming years. Telematics will play an important role in the rise of UBI, with devices placed in vehicles to assess usage and offer consumers the most customized coverage ever.

Chris Breger, Director of Insurance Telematics Canada at TU-Automotive, said of the event “We’re really excited about this year’s edition. We’ve got regulators with new announcements, insurers with exciting new services and some great market insights from other leading players. Add to that our new sessions on insuring mobility services and the autonomous car, and we’ve got a great event in store.”