Insurer warns Quebecers of the potential drowning during summer months

Published: July 22, 2019

Updated: August 1, 2019

Author: Luke Jones



Allstate Canada has sent out an advisory warning people in Quebec to be careful when they spend time near the water during the summer months.

Published last week, the advisory is designed to warn vacationers in the province of the dangers of drowning. AllState’s release coincides with the ongoing National Drowning Prevention Week, which runs from July 21 through July 27.

According to a recent Léger poll conducted on behalf of the insurance company, over half of Quebecers (55%) say they will be vacationing close to a body of water. Specifically, 20% say they will be close to a lake, 14% say they will have access to a pool, while 8% will be by a river.

Other data from the study includes:

  • Just 32% of residents in Quebec say they watch their children under 12-years old when they are close to water.
  • Around 24% of participants said they take turns to watch children under 12.
  • 21% of respondents claim they are vigilant of dangers when watching kids. However, they add that they do carry out other activities at the same time.

“With the excitement that comes with having a fun day out in the sun, it can be easy to forget the importance of water safety,” said Allstate Canada agency manager Sara Wilhelmy. “Water safety is about more than rules; it’s about understanding the unpredictability of water and how to protect yourself and your family to ensure an enjoyable vacation or backyard experience.”

Insurance Business points to another study by the Lifesaving Society Quebec Branch, which found during 2018 70% of all drownings in Canada happened in a natural setting, such as river, lake, or at seas. Breaking down the figure, the paper found 41% of drowning incidents happened by rivers, 285 by lakes or other natural standing water, while 13% were at swimming pools.

“Time and again, the coroner’s investigation reports find that drowning is almost always preventable. In that regard, planning ahead and constant supervision are essential to keeping everyone safe,” said Lifesaving Society Quebec Branch executive director Raynald Hawkins.