Intact’s new EDGE Complete provides coverage for changing commercial market

Published: March 29, 2018

Updated: July 24, 2018

Author: Luke Jones



Companies in Canada are driving a diverse and innovative commercial sector with streamlined business models, expansions, and more efficiency. It is up to commercial insurance providers to move with organizations and tailor products and solutions that best support companies as they evolve.

Intact Insurance has become a leader in driving commercial insurance change with its EDGE Complete solution, which supplies comprehensive extensions to existing policies. The new product gives businesses a nationally available policy that fits organizations of all sizes and sectors. Intact says EDGE Complete is easily manageable and allows customers to customize their limits.

“The commercial lines market in Canada is changing very rapidly. At Intact, we know we need to evolve to meet our customers’ needs,” said Debbie Coull-Cicchini, executive vice president at Intact Insurance. “In designing the EDGE Complete extension, we knew it was important to not only re-evaluate the coverage we offered, but also the available limits and the structure of the product.”

EDGE Complete provides access to over 60 different coverage extensions as part of a comprehensive package. Intact developed the solution after working with brokers through early testing. Through these focus groups, the company could create a product that gives organizations the tools to tailor their coverage.

“In designing the EDGE Complete extension package, we established a few key priorities very early on. Firstly, we wanted to offer the broadest coverage we possibly could. Secondly, we wanted to develop a solution that could easily respond to customers’ evolving coverage needs – so they can easily scale their coverage up or down as their businesses change,” she said.

“Our key priority was to make EDGE Complete really simply for consumers and businesses to understand what they’re covered for, so they can easily decide for themselves whether they need to consider changing their insurance coverage.”

“We’ve been working on the EDGE Complete extension for a while, but obviously the timing couldn’t be better,” Coull-Cicchini told Insurance Business. “We’re really pleased to offer such a simplified commercial insurance product for brokers, who seem to be receiving it extraordinarily well so far.”